As you read this, a sinister and secret organization is working night and day and spending untold millions to invade and control your mind.  Is it the world of the CIA?  The FBI?  The Republican Party?  No... this is the work of companies and their advertising departments.

Subliminal Advertisements have been around for years and use little tricks such as embedding images and words into pictures to grab your attention and subconsciously imprint their product into your mind.  In this gallery, we're going to take a look at some of the more bold and - dare we say - unethical uses of this mode of mind control.

Companies have said for years that subliminal advertising doesn't exist.  If that's the case, we hope that you enjoy these nonexistent examples.

  NEW Tangled Sex
Did Disney sneak something dirty into this advertisement for Tangled?

Obama's Signature
What is the president trying to tell us?

Need for Speed
Ever wonder why the gaming industry has such a large male demographic?

Gin, Anyone?
One of the classic examples of subliminal advertising.

What's a sexplosion, anyway?

Pepsi Threatens Obama
Did the newly designed Pepsi cans threaten the President of the United States?

Jazz Classes
Is this an innocent ad for dance classes or a lewd plea for attention?

The Silence of the Lambs
So dastardly, even Dr. Lecter is shocked!

Caprigcio Hairdresser
Apparently, the curtains match the drapes.

Poster Placement
Were these posters arranged this way on purpose?

Mink Key
Who wouldn't want a mink key hole cover?

Beach Orgy
It looks innocent at first, but a closer look reveals that there is a little more fun in the sun that we first thought!

Well in Hand
A little airbrushing and a little something dirty is inserted into an ad to appeal to your lascivious side.

Election Day Rats
See how the Bush camp used subliminal advertising in the 2000 presidential election.

The Naked Camel Man
You've heard about him, but have you ever actually seen him?  You're about to!

Sexuality is sold to you right in front of your nose and you don't even know it.

The Coke Woman
Let's just say this woman must really really like Coca-Cola.

A Little Something Extra
You look at an ad in less than two seconds and so advertisers sometimes throw in a little something extra to make their work stick in your mind.

The Floor Lady
One of the gaudiest and famous examples of subliminal advertising of all time!

Something in Her Eye
This one is hotly debated.  Is this an innocent ad or did Kent throw in something extremely dirty?

Sex in The Lion King
Does the word "Sex" appear during a scene in The Lion King or is this just another urban legend?

The Little Mermaid Penis
What is up with that castle?

Cool Cans
Did Pepsi pull off a fast one in the '90's?

Devil's Head
A dissatisfied Canadian inserts a hidden image into a five dollar bill.

The Rescuers Flash
Why did Disney suddenly pull The Rescuers from store shelves?

Hidden Message
Can you spot the hidden word in these wood shavings?