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Scary True Stories

Yes, they're all true... which, is to say, some are probably bullshit, but they are scary as hell and the fact that they might have actually happened is creepy as all get out.

Rise of the Jack-o-Lanterns

Everyone has that one family in their neighborhood who goes a little overboard for Halloween and that one family is AWESOME!!!  Check out these amazing and numerous Jack-o-Lanterns!

The Girl Who Won Halloween

This little girl has worn more creative Halloween costumes in her first few years that most of us have in our whole lives!

Halloween Costumes for Couples

Got a man?  Got a woman?  Got something else?  If you're not flying solo this year, your ideas for creative Halloween costumes just exploded.

Horrible Halloween Costumes, Vol. 2

Because you couldn't get enough of the tacky delights in our first gallery, here are more costumed revelers who probably should have just stayed home.


More unbelievable fibs than a Tea Party Facebook page, you'll never believe how many mendacities we've come across! 

Weird Religious Books

At some point, you would think that one of these writers would have had second thoughts about the title or subject matter, but apparently that wasn't the case.

The Mummies of the Capuchin Catacombs

When the Capuchin monastery of Palermo, Italy outgrew its cemetery in the 16th century, they began to inter the deceased inside of catacombs.  By today, it's a popular tourist attraction for those with morbid curiosity.  Rumor has it that some of the mummies are fake, but you'd have a hard time telling the fakes from the real deal. 

Corrupted Disney Coloring Books

This is why you should keep children's coloring books away from demented people.

The Paintings of a UFO Abductee

David Huggins claims to have been abducted by aliens repeatedly since he was eight years old and has created a series of paintings documenting his experience and, whether you believe him or think he's just dubious, they are interesting to look at. 

Disturbing Moments in Kid's Movies

Movies for children are supposed to be G-rated wonderlands of sugar, candy and fun where no one dies and everyone is happy... but every now and then, they go dark.  So very very dark.

More Adult Jokes in Kid's Cartoons

I missed a lot of these when I was young for some reason. 

Spelling Matters

These simple innocent things are all made dirty by a simple error in spelling or grammar.  When will peeple learn?

Spooky Female Specters

To help you sleep tonight, here are some tales of ghostly women haunting various places in the world.  

Water Road: Le Passage de Gois

Le Passage de Gois is a roadway that connects the Gulf of Burnёf with the island of Noirmoutier in France, a country that is obviously too poor to build a bridge.  Due to the tides, the road is only available for a few hours a day before it is flooded... not that a little thing like the ocean can stop some people or anything.

Freak Shows of the Past

Think about it... A hundred years ago, people used to pay to see the fat lady at the sideshow.  Today, you can see eleven of them at once on scooters in a Wal-Mart for free. 

Why Are They Crying?

Ah, parenthood... there's nothing quite like it.  Just like there's nothing quite like tuberculosis or polio.  Here are a gaggle of children throwing a fit.  Why are they throwing a fit?  Because that's what kids do.

This is Love

If you've got a partner you can laugh with, you've got a great relationship. My last partner was a vicious life-sucking bitch from which there was no escape who hated laughter and happiness and wasn't content until she drowned everything in her mucus-like misery that she expelled in the form of nagging and marginalizing.

I have issues, obviously.  

Disaster Looms

Here we see that precious second in your life when you know you're screwed, but cannot do a thing to avert said screwing.

Adventurous Eating

Tired of the same old burger joints and steak houses?  Don't you wish that, just for once, you could risk your life eating or do it all naked?  Of course, we all have!  At these places, you totally can!

Neat Facts About Your Favorite Horror Movies

Are you ready to learn stuff you didn't know about classic horror movies?  Well, it's coming at you faster than a slowly walking mass murderer with a machete... and that's pretty fast!

Unintentionally Funny Moments in Horror

Horror movies and TV shows are supposed to scare the pee out of us, but every now and then, a bad prop, bad acting or with just the wrong context, they can make us pee with laughter.  Here are some of those moments immortalized in gif form. 

Amazing Gifts for Spoiled Kitties

If you are the obedient slave of a cat master, here is a collection of delightful feline gifts you should run out and buy now before it becomes displeased.

Amazing Gifts for Spoiled Doggies

What better way to reward your best friend's loyalty and love than with insane amounts of extravagance for a creature that chases its tail and eats its own barf.  I love dogs, but are they really this discerning? 

Terrific Tables

I know you might not consider a table exciting enough to warrant a gallery, but I do because... hell, LOOK at these things!

How Not to Gym

Thinking about getting in shape?  Lifting some weights?  Developing your muscles?  This is what not to do.

Detailed Close-Ups of Star Wars Spaceships

This precious collection of rare close-ups of the ships used in the original Star Wars Trilogy gives us a glimpse into the great effort and detail that went into assembling them and shooting them.

Forgotten Rooms

It may seem a little strange, but every now and then a room or even an entire apartment is forgotten, sealed away and never entered again.  Here are two examples of these forgotten rooms and how they now serve as a doorway to the past.

Speed Limit Tree

You'll find this unusual tree in Barefoot Bay, Florida.  The tree in question grew through a speed limit sign and basically serves notice that, despite our pomp and strutting, we are really just nature's bitch.

Dogs Fetching Balls Underwater

Photographer Seth Casteel took a camera underwater to catch some unusual photos of doggies fetching balls. This is either the cutest or most terrifying set of photos I've seen this week.

Microwave Disasters

You would think that a marvelous invention like the microwave would be easy for everyone to use, but you would be wrong...

The Inflatable Plane

The Goodyear Inflatoplane was built in 1956 with the intention that it be used for reconnaissance or that it be dropped to downed pilots.  The plane could be unloaded and inflated in about five minute and had a flying range of about 390 miles.

Scary Photos

The scariest thing about these pictures is that they're all real.