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Slightly Warped Exclusives

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Sweet Moments

These are the times you witness and you feel like your heart is going to explode with sugar and rainbows.  Try not to smile too much.

Evicting the Dead

In certain cemeteries in Guatemala, the family of the deceased is required to pay a rent to allow the body to remain entombed.  If the family is ever unable to pay, the cemetery "evicts" the body and deposits them into a mass grave elsewhere, making room on the cemetery grounds for a more wealthy class of stiffs.


Can you solve these devious riddles without cheating?  Test your skills and brainpower and, if you cheat, we'll know... we always know.

Famous Cursed Objects

Did you know that Annabelle, the evil doll from The Conjuring, is a real thing?  Turns out there are cursed object all over the globe waiting to fall into unknowing hands. Here are the most famous.

Immortal Kitty

This series of pictures shows a great cat-tastrophie as a car traveling 75 mph down the highway accidentally kit a cat crossing the road.  The driver assumed the animal had been killed and was shocked later to discover that the feline's body was stuck in his bumper... and was still alive! 

Powerful Stunning Pictures

People all over the world in emotional settings.  This will make you appreciate the power we all hold inside and make you grateful for all you have, even when it isn't a lot.

The Strange Sad Fate of the Collyer Brothers

On March 21, 1947 New York City police were called to the home of Homer and Langley Collyer due to complaints about a strange odor.  When they broke inside, the police were confronts with over 150 tons of hoarded books, newspapers, furniture, musical instruments, and many other items.

For the Gamers

What follows are a series of pictures and jokes for gamers.  If you're not a gamer, go back to your job, or family, or sunlight or whatever it is you guys do.

Apology Cakes

Cake softens any bad news and makes forgiveness easier because who can be mad when you've got cake?

Real Buried Treasures Still Out There

There are troves of treasures still out there in the world waiting for someone to find them.  It could even be you... but not really.

Love Me Tinder

In case you've ever thought of using the Tinder dating app, here is a preview of what you might find.  You might not find true love, but you might laugh a little.

Creative Smuggling

I know when I think of the word "smuggler," I think of Han Solo and Chewbacca. The truth of the matter is that the smugglers of drugs and other illegal things can be every bit as clever... but still get caught.  Sometimes.

Plausible Conspiracy Theories With No Proof

Think of these as bathtub ruminations.  Stray thoughts that make perfect sense, but are unproveable.  Also, they're superimposed on serene nature photos for some reason.

The Mists of Mystery: The Haunted Haunted Mansion

Is Disneyland's Haunted Mansion actually haunted?  At The Mists of Mystery, we're looking at two pieces of evidence that say it is... but what do we think?

Very Interesting Pictures

Venture into this gallery for a look at things that might peak your interest in various ways.

Things That Are Banned Around the World

Between the free world, the dictatorships, and all things in between, some of the strangest things are banned from citizens and some of them will surprise you.

Dumb Conspiracy Theories People Actually Believe

The only thing stupider than these conspiracy theories are the drooling ninny-heads who actually believe them.

Love Me Tinder

In case you've ever thought of using the Tinder dating app, here is a preview of what you might find.  You might not find true love, but you might laugh a little.

Strange, Cute and Disturbing Pregnancy Photos

Some of these pictures are cute and fun and others are just.... damn.

Surprising Science Facts

Do you think you know science?  You might... but you might not know these facts!  Or you do know them already... Damn showoff.

Rooftop Schoolyards

In urban China where real estate is scarce, schools have become inventive with their physical education yards and put them on the roof where children can play, run, exercise, and get cancer since the air in China is basically vaporized death.

Celebrity Facts

Fascinating facts about your favorite and not-so-favorite famous people!

The Stunts of Buster Keaton

Decades before Jackass, comedian Buster Keaton performed amazing movie stunts that were absolutely insane.  Without the benefit of a stunt crew, safety measures, or what looks like common sense, Keaton delivered a set of stunts in the 1920's that has earned him the nickname of the greatest stuntman in history (mostly because today no one would be allowed to do this kind of stuff).

Dumb People on the Internet

They exist... they're out there now on Facebook and Twitter... they comment, they post... they vote in major elections.

Haunted Cemeteries

It seems that the final resting place of many souls is neither final nor restful.  Here is a collection of tales about graveyards where the dead still walk.

Fast Food You Should Avoid

Make no mistake, you should avoid all the fast food out there, but these menu items in particular should never pass your lips for some pretty shocking reasons.

Life Hacks for Men

Tired of all of the girlie life hacks for flowers and dresses and all of that stuff? Here are some hacks that men can use!

Funny Parents and Other Old People

You think that just because you get old and spawn life-sucking children, you're going to lose your sense of humor?  Sure, it happens to most people... but not all of us!

Poo Diver

Meet Brendan Walsh from Melbourne who literally has the crappiest job in the world.  He is the owner of East West Diving and he is a poo diver.  That's right... a poo diver.  He literally dives... in poo.

Amazing Brownies

I would do terrible things to these brownies.  Terrible terrible things.

The Mists of Mystery: New Ghost Pictures!

Check out the new entries into our sister site of the paranormal!  It Lives Here, The White Streak, and The Lavender Lady - which could be one of the best pictures we've ever had submitted.

US States That Didn't Make the Cut

Sure, you know all 50 US states... some of you do at least, but did you know that some states didn't survive to make it into our great union?  Here's everything you never knew you wanted to know about these lost states.

Animal Photobombs

An animal photobomb is just like a human photobomb, except when they do it it's cute and we still love them.

Movie Review: Transformers: Age of Extinction

Merciful Allah, Transformers: Age of Extinction is just... awful.  Age of Extinction is three hours of butt-numbing, brain cell killing stupidity where nothing... literally nothing about the movie works right.

Girl Marries Dog

Mangli Munda is a 18-year-old Indian girl who is believed to carry an evil curse, so to break that curse her family ordered that she marry a dog that would bear the curse as a result (story of my life, bro).

Maps That Will Change Your World

Think you know the world you live in? Think again, friend, because sometimes, looking at something from another perspective, will turn your globe upside down!

Haunted Hotels

Because a vacation is not a vacation unless you are accosted in the middle of the night by dead people!

Fascinating Historical Photos

More looks back into history, this time mostly focusing on the time around World War II.  Warning:  Some of these images may be upsetting.

The Cursed Amusement Park

Abandoned and rusting near Lake Shawnee, this amusement parks seems to be touched by something dark and it's definitely not a place you want to be after the sun goes down.

 Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy has brought the fun back to science fiction in a way I haven't seen since the original Star Wars. I'm serious. This charismatic, emotionally charged and wondrous creation has not only raised the bar for movies that follow, but has also set a new standard. It is bright, it is inviting, at times magical and heartbreaking and it doesn't insult you or go unnecessarily dark on you so that it can be "mature."

Movie Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This is the cinematic equivalent of Chinese food... it tastes good, you'll feel like you never ate anything an hour later, but despite it all you should just be good and goddamn grateful that it didn't give you diarrhea.


Could it be that all of the people out there that look stupid only look stupid because they're geniuses and we're actually the stupid ones?   Nah.

Man Logic/Woman Logic

The battle of the sexes have been decided.  You're both crazy.  The end.

Gigantic Flops

Do you remember these products from the past?  That's okay... no one else does either.

Recognizing Today's Biggest Scams

If it's too good to be true, it is.  Today, there are a lot of sperm-sucking bottom-feeders looking to make a quick buck off of you and your trusting nature.  Don't let them!

I Do What I Want!

Here are a collection of scandalous rebels who could not give less of a damn what society thinks of them and their deviant behavior.

Feel-Good Facts

The world is not totally crappy, not everyone is an asshole, and good people still exist.  Here are a few.

It Came from the Ghetto

Shit's ratchet, yo.

The Slightly Warped Guide to Girlfriends

Having a girlfriend and being in a relationship can be a wonderful thing most of the time.  Sometimes, though, the best advise you can be given is run... dude run.

WTF Signs

These signs... it's like they're trying to tell us something, but I can't figure out what it is!

Movies That Were Cursed

We've all heard of cursed treasures and cursed idols, but have you ever heard of a cursed movie?  Does such a thing exist?  Apparently, twelve of them do and if you've ever thought of living the glam Hollywood lifestyle, these might make you change your mind!

Everyday Jesus

Isn't it wonderful how much the Son of God is like all of us  Yep, this is why I'm going to Hell...

Sexting Gone Wrong

When you're trying to have virtual sexytimes with your significant other, sometimes things take a turn...

Amazing Russian Graves

These graves in Russia add an amazing personal touch to the memorials.

The Domespace House

Want a home that is unique, energy efficient, and that can help you pretend to be an alien?  Nanoo Nanoo, we've got the home for you!

Very Interesting Pictures

Ordinary pictures are ordinary.  Ordinary pictures with funny captions are worthy of a gallery.

We're Comedy Central Famous!

On the night of September 3rd, 2014 The Slightly Warped Website's Curiosities were featured on a segment of Comedy Central's @midnight. So, to celebrate... it's the first Curiosity about the Curiosities!

Christ... it's like when the Academy Awards win an Emmy... only it's me and I didn't win anything.

Strange Things on Google Street View

Google Street View is an amazing tool if you're looking for directions, landmarks, or stalking your ex, but sometimes every now and then... something appears that is odd beyond words.

Simple Jobs Done Badly

You had one job.  ONE JOB!!!


Ever feel down and defeated, like the whole world is against you and you just can't go on?  Well, my friend, venture into this gallery and you'll be back on your feet in no time, tearing your clothes off and bellowing a war cry!

Random Facts You Probably Don't Know

Prepare to take a hot load of salty knowledge right onto your brain's moaning face.

Very Interesting Pictures

As we do every month or so, here is a collection of pictures ranging from "very" interesting to "extremely" interesting.  (Levels of interest not guaranteed.)

Witty Restaurant Signs

You know what?  Even if the food sucked, I would probably go into a restaurant that displayed such a sense of humor... to use the bathroom.  Either that or I would chuckle from my car.

Bullet Ants

Pain and Suffering just had a baby and it is ugly...

How to be Awkward on the Internet

I wonder sometimes if Facebook should have a pop up button that says, "Are you SURE you want to post this?"  Then again, we wouldn't get these hilarious nuggets if it did.

History's Greatest Burns

Just because someone is an important historical or literary figure, doesn't mean they couldn't be catty once in a while.  Turns out they were really good at it!

Nasty Medieval Weaponry

If you think pepper spray and Tasers are bad, check out what was used a few hundred years ago?  You'll be hugging that container of tear gas!

Movie Review: God's Not Dead

By the time the shockingly sick ending played out, I have to admit I think I was converted momentarily as I rose to my feet, raised by hands to the air and screamed to the savior above, "JESUS CHRIST, THIS MOVIE IS GODDAMN TERRIBLE!"

Questionable Playgrounds

You know all of those wonderful memories of playing with your friends when you were a child?  These playgrounds will murder them.

More Rare Historical Pictures

It's another wonderful romp through the annals of history!  Join us and skip backwards through the ages.

Ghostly Love Stories

In these allegedly true accounts, it turns out that death itself cannot stop the love of a determined few.

The Naked Truth

Some may see the truth as ugly, but it's the truth all the same.  For example, calling this gallery "The Naked Truth" will probably get more people to look at it.

Epic Food

This food will kill you, but what a way to go!

Words and Terms We Need in the Language

How have we made it so long as a culture without these idioms?  This situation must be rectified now!

Teacher Confessions

Teachers are people just like you! You may think they are amorphous blobs of nothing, but the truth is they have problems, screw up, play games, get drunk, and screw... just like you do! Here are a selection of teacher confessions from a recent Reddit thread.

Microscopic Images

The infinitesimal can be a universe all its own, especially when you see the hidden world of things you encounter every day.

As Above/So Below Review

A horror movie set in the Paris Catacombs?  Wow, there's no way they could mess this one up!

Wait... What?

Awwwww...  Dammit!

La Pascualita: The Corpse Bride

In Chihuahua, Mexico, standing silently in the window of a bridal store is a mannequin, but many say that this isn't a mannequin at all, but rather the preserved body of a long-dead daughter!

A Nuclear Reactor Turned Into an Amusement Park

Kernies Wunderland is located in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, just north of Düsseldorf and is built on the former site of SNR-300, a nuclear power plant that never went online because of construction problems and protests. The park was constructed by Dutch entrepreneuer Hennie van der Most and receives around 600,000 visitors each year.

Completely Appropriate Pictures

There is nothing lewd or dirty about any of these pictures and, if you think there is, the problem is with you and your sick little mind.

Haunted Schools

As if some of you didn't need another reason to want to stay away from school, I have one anyway... ghosts!

That's Not Supposed to Happen!

Having a bad day?  This healthy dose of schadenfreude should make you feel better.

Odd Album Covers

I can't tell if these are just the result of a night of drugs, bad taste, or art that is beyond my comprehension.  Wonder what the music sounds like...

Facts You Might Find Interesting

Everything you never knew you wanted to know about Mormons, Stalin, eyes, pot, and many many other fascinating things! 

Dog Hacks

Since we all love our dogs, why not take a look at these few tips and tricks to make life with your best friend all that smoother?

The Taser Photoshoot Challenge

The photographer of these rather unusual portraits challenged their family, friends and loved ones to be shot by a Taser and then photographed the reaction.  Needless to say, this photographer must have been loved... once.

The Greatest Bad Puns

I got these pictures at the fabric store.  I thought the site could use some new material.

51 Amazing True Facts About Space That Sound Like Complete Bullshit

The Universe is a strange kooky place bigger than anything you can imagine and weirder still.  So weird as a matter of fact, you may think that some of these facts are complete bullshit when they are actually true!

Message in a Bottle

It's the old story of finding a message in a bottle, but this story will melt your heart.

Universal Truths

More truths than any religion or scientific journal out there, if you argue with these you're a fool... and must be punished... with bricks.

People Getting Hit in the Face with Balls

Pretty much your mom every weeknight, huh?  Heyohh!!!  Head trauma has never been funnier.

The Moving Rocks of Racetrack Playa: Solved!

One of the first mysteries we featured on this website has been solved by scientists.  So, what was making these rocks move on their own across the desert surface?

Horror Stories in Five Words or Less

You've seen the two-sentence horror story challenge, now behold the next level -- can you weave a scary yarn with five words or less? A few Reddit users gave it a shot...

Rare Historical Photos

As we do once every month or so, we're taking this gallery back in time to some little known historical happenings and bringing them to light.

Beautiful Tattoos

We make fun of bad tattoos a lot on this website, and it's about time that we stop and appreciate some good ones.

Real Life Cyborgs

Right now, actual cyborgs walk amongst us.  I, for one, would like to welcome our new mechanical overlords and suggest that, as a well respected and beloved website owner, I can be useful to you in the future.

Ghosts of the Civil War

As I say every time I post one of these ghost galleries, I'm an open-minded skeptic, but I love ghost stories. I'm also a fan of history so this gallery is me all over.

Everyday Objects Renamed by Stoners

What is it about these guys that give them such skills with the language?  I'm thinking it's the weed.

If You Pass Out at a Party...

If you're lucky, you have friends who watch your back if you happen to pass out drinking at a party.  This guy... he wasn't lucky.

Ingenious Ideas

I'm not good at predicting the future, but someone somewhere is going to make a lot of money off of these...

Strange Ice Cream Flavors

If they served ice cream in Hell, it would be very impractical because it would melt.  However, if it didn't melt it would probably taste like this...

Mom's Names for Game of Throne Characters

When Reddit user, T2000iceCOLD, finally got his mom to watch his favorite show, he decided to quiz her on the characters' names.  She failed... or won spectacularly.

One Trip Wonders

Taking two trips is for quitters and pansies.  With one trip, you leave more time for leisure activities like unloading the massive load you took in one trip.

Ghost Animals

As I've said countless times before, I'm an open-minded skeptic and I don't really believe any of these tales, but I do love them nonetheless.  Nothing like a good ghost story!

Hoaxes Pranks and Fakes

Did you fall for any of these when they first hit?  If you did, don't feel bad.  A lot of people did.  Now, you can get the story behind the made-up stories.


You are about to get a gigantic red mark on your forehead from what you are about to see in this gallery.

Climate Change Today

Yes, climate change is a real thing.  No, it's not naturally occurring, it's mostly our fault.  Yes, there is plenty of evidence that its our fault.  Yes, it really is a major issue.

Adventures in Babysitting

A couple was asked to babysit a friend's 6 month-old baby, so they sent them hourly picture updates to show what a great job they were doing.

Ghost Children

As I've said before, I don't really believe a lot of these stories, but I enjoy hearing them and keep an open mind at least.  That in mind, enjoy these seven supposedly true tales of ghost children (one of them is complete bullshit, though.)

Sensational Sand Sculptures

Aw, you made a sand castle when you were a kid?  How adorable.

Prototypes of Famous Technology

Everything from your iPhone to your computer came from something and these things we highlight here are the original prototypes.

Baseball Card Vandals

I am no fan of baseball, but this is one of the best things I've seen all day.

Robin Williams

Doctor, genie, alien, penguin, president, robot, jungle wild man, nanny, Peter Pan, Popeye... a tortured soul, a razor wit, one of a kind... the funniest man in the universe.  Robin Williams.

These Cats Don't Care

If you were looking for a fuck to give, these cats have none.  They don't mind... they know you're going to be killed in your sleep.

Astounding Wildlife Photos

It's wild out there and these photos capture it in all its natural glory!  Credits are in the photos

Antics At the Workplace

These people are hardly working, but doing a brilliant job at it.

The Most Reliable Witnesses to UFOs

When it comes to UFOs and alien abductions, I am a complete skeptic and don't believe a word of it, but I have to admit that stories like these give me pause.

The Bobbit Worm

I used to have one of these horrible things in my fish tank.  You ever see that movie, Tremors?  It's basically the same time only Kevin Bacon won't save you.

Photos That Are Interesting

We thought these photos are interesting and you should too.  If not, there is something wrong with you.

Look Twice

What you thought you saw is not what you thought you thought you saw.

Smartass Student Answers

These kids are going places... Not college, but places...

Almost Nailed It

So close... Worked surprisingly hard on this crappy comic, thumb either way. How you feel when you have 10 unread texts after a day of not using your phone: Yes

Behold this collection of people, animals and all things in between who just missed it by that much.

Nostalgia Overload

Oh my Glob, this stuff totally happened once!

Life Epiphanies

Things that you never ever thought of but now, you will never ever be able to stop thinking about them. 

From Russia with Love

Its government might be made up of corrupt dick monkeys, but we love the Russian people and their wonderful pragmatic nature.  That, coupled with their complete inability to give a shit, makes them awesome in their own right.

Close Calls

The Grim Reaper just snuck up behind these folks, goosed them and whispered in their ears, "Not today!"

Notes from the Roommate

I never understood that saying, "Familiarity breeds contempt" until I had a roommate.

Doctor's Dumbest Patients

Nothing robs a Doctor of his patience than his patients.

Dying with Style

Not all of us are prone to throw off our mortal coil in such a mundane fashion.  A few of us do it with a little more pizzazz.

Amazing Wildlife Photos

These are some of the best nature pictures you will ever see.  Check the lower left side of the photo for the photographer credit and check out some of their other stuff online.

Funny and Disturbing Video Game Glitches

Say what you will about 8 bit Nintendo, it didn't scar me for life or keep me awake at night.

Random Facts

It's time for you to bend over and take another load of useless information!

Cringe Inducing X-Rays

Sometimes you know that you're in trouble, but it takes a good x-ray to show just how screwed you are.  Get ready to wince, folks.

Mind Blowers

Are you ready to have your preconceptions challenged and your entire view of your place in the universe rocked to its very core?  Too bad... it's happening anyway.  It's a exclusive until those assholes at ebaumsworld steals it.