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Amazing Gifts for Spoiled Kitties

If you are the obedient slave of a cat master, here is a collection of delightful feline gifts you should run out and buy now before it becomes displeased.

Amazing Gifts for Spoiled Doggies

What better way to reward your best friend's loyalty and love than with insane amounts of extravagance for a creature that chases its tail and eats its own barf.  I love dogs, but are they really this discerning? 

Terrific Tables

I know you might not consider a table exciting enough to warrant a gallery, but I do because... hell, LOOK at these things!

How Not to Gym

Thinking about getting in shape?  Lifting some weights?  Developing your muscles?  This is what not to do.

Detailed Close-Ups of Star Wars Spaceships

This precious collection of rare close-ups of the ships used in the original Star Wars Trilogy gives us a glimpse into the great effort and detail that went into assembling them and shooting them.

Forgotten Rooms

It may seem a little strange, but every now and then a room or even an entire apartment is forgotten, sealed away and never entered again.  Here are two examples of these forgotten rooms and how they now serve as a doorway to the past.

Speed Limit Tree

You'll find this unusual tree in Barefoot Bay, Florida.  The tree in question grew through a speed limit sign and basically serves notice that, despite our pomp and strutting, we are really just nature's bitch.

Dogs Fetching Balls Underwater

Photographer Seth Casteel took a camera underwater to catch some unusual photos of doggies fetching balls. This is either the cutest or most terrifying set of photos I've seen this week.

Microwave Disasters

You would think that a marvelous invention like the microwave would be easy for everyone to use, but you would be wrong...

The Inflatable Plane

The Goodyear Inflatoplane was built in 1956 with the intention that it be used for reconnaissance or that it be dropped to downed pilots.  The plane could be unloaded and inflated in about five minute and had a flying range of about 390 miles.

Scary Photos

The scariest thing about these pictures is that they're all real.

The Dumbest People on Facebook

Facebook should require an IQ test before people are allowed to use it.  It would certainly cut down those damn Alex Jones and Glen Beck videos I keep getting sent.

Adorable Pet Costumes

It's almost HOWL-oween and the pets are getting dressed up by their owners...  Their sad sad owners.

Cat Burglars

Here is some good old fashioned useless knowledge to fill up your brain with all of the useful stuff you can't seem to learn.

Interesting Historical Pictures

An automated grocery store is our star this time around as we drag more forgotten history into the digital age.

You Can't Handle the Truth

You're just sitting there unknowingly typing away on your computer, but little do you know that truth is about whip out its massive member and slap you across the face with it.

N64 Art

Given that the Nintendo 64 is the best darned video game system of all time, it's not hard to see why some talented gamers turned theirs into works of art.

Screwed Up Church Signs

If you've ever wondered what it would take to keep a good Baptist-raised boy like me from going to church for over twenty years, here you go...

Haunted Battlefields

War is literally hell if you believe these stories about lost souls eternally fighting battles long over.

34 Fascinating Facts

Here is some good old fashioned useless knowledge to fill up your brain with all of the useful stuff you can't seem to learn.

Horrible Halloween Costumes

The best Halloween costumes are homemade and unique and, by astonishing coincidence, so are the worst costumes!

Freaks of Nature

Mother nature is a wonderful thing, but every now and then she screws things up a little bit and these genetic mutants are the result.

Accidents Waiting to Happen

These people will never live to see the inside of a rest home.  Take a look at Darwinism at work in real life.

One Star Yelp Reviews of National Parks

Some people should really just stay at home and watch television.  Places like Yellowstone and Yosemite are just... beyond their scope.  Bunch of spoiled entitled pricks.

Tinder Wins and Fails

Some people on this dating app are killing it, or just getting killed.  You'll have to decide who is who.

Movie Review: Annabelle

Because movie studios like money, that creepy doll from The Conjuring has her own movie!  But is Annabelle a worthy follow up or are the only real dummies going to be the chumps who bought tickets?

Our World is Amazing

Do you have any idea how lucky we are to live on an Earth this beautiful and incredible?  These photos of nature will make you want to go camping or write poetry or continue sitting and surfing the internet.

Idiots on Instagram

Just because you have a thought and can take a picture, doesn't mean you should just let your moron flag fly.

Aw, Hell Naw

Are you ready for every single one of your brain synapses to scream "NOPE!" all at once?  This collection of creepy, scary, and pants-crappingly awesome pictures will do that to you.


Look once, now look twice.  What you saw is not what you thought you saw!

News Weirdness

The local news is a ripe field of strangeness and half-assery, ready to be harvested for your amusement.

Disney Characters Reimagined as Human

These amazing works of art are the labors of Japanese illustrator Chaico who had reimagined Disney characters as manga-style humans.

Cats on Catnip

For a cat to freak out like the ones shown here isn't normal... but on catnip it is.

People Who Shouldn't be Allowed on Facebook

I'm all for social media, but at some point, you have to question whether some people are smart enough to use it properly.

Good Cops

Between police militarization and shitty racist cops shooting innocent people for no reason, law enforcement does not have the best reputation at the moment which is why we're pausing to remind everyone that not all of them are bastards.

Amazing Fails

Failure is not something to be ashamed of, it is to be celebrated and spread around for internet fame!

Spider Takes Over Garage

Russell Harding, a 74-year-old from Colerne, Wiltshire, England, woke up one morning to find that a spider had build an enormous web in his garage.  Looks like to me it's time to move!

Confused Signs

Come, signs!  You're supposed to give us all the answers, not drown us in more questions!

Hilarious Headlines

Are these the results of honest oversights or a bored editor?  You be the judge.

Liars on the Internet

I know this will probably shock you, but not everything on the internet is true. For example, get a gander at these mendacities getting called out by the quick-witted and sharp-eyed.   It's glorious.

Deep Dog Thoughts

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking?  Me neither, but here are some possible suggestions.

Disneyland Used to be Very Creepy

Apparently, it took them a few years to get those costumes right or at least stop The Three Little Pigs from consuming the guests' souls.

Acts of Love and Kindness

I don't care how jaded and cynical you might be, looking at these examples of ordinary people being kind and showing love to their fellow humans has got to warm your heart.

Interesting Facts and Stuff

Interesting facts are interesting.  The only way these facts could get more interesting would be if we made them up and then they turned out to be true.

Deep Animal Thoughts

You have never thought thoughts like these about animals, but now you will never be able to stop.

Interesting Photos from History

Click on in to our virtual time machine as we go back through the 20th century for some interesting looks at the world that was!


These little pug dog tator tot-lookin' cuties can't wait for Halloween, so they're showing off their costumes right now! Are you ready to choke on cuteness?

OMG! Bunnies!

Wide eyes, twitchy noses and loppy floppy ears, these baby bunnies are so darned cute I just want to squish 'em with hugs until they pop like grapes.

Stand Up Philosophy

That's right, folks.  Stand up comedians are the philosophers of modern time.  Don't believe me?  Take a look for yourself.

Interesting Gifs

Mostly scientific and interesting from an engineering point of view, these animated gifs are just satisfying to watch over and over and over and over again.

Beautiful Book Art

These astounding and magical creations are the work of artist, Emma Taylor.  Taylor meticulously sculpts the pages of books into beautiful dioramas and, before you easily offended folks get easily offended, the artist never uses first editions and usually uses books that are already damaged beyond repair.


If I had to chose one of the top destinations on my bucket list, Iceland would be at number one.  In fact, I'm hoping that the Icelandic Tourism Board sees this gallery and sends me and my four kids some first class tickets to see their beautiful country first hand.  Actually, make it cruise line tickets....

Strangers Rescue a Woman from a River

When an elderly woman fell into the River Taff from a bridge near Cardiff Central Station, two men rushed to her aid and helped a complete stranger.

Panoramic Mutants

Taking a panoramic picture can give you an amazing photo, but then again there is complete and total failure on all levels.


Just because you CAN make it in one trip, doesn't mean you SHOULD make it in one trip.

How (Not) to Quit in Style

Meet Trevor Lewis of Todmorden, West Yorkshire.  Mr. Lewis was depressed because of a knee injury he sustained last year and so, did what most of us might do and destroyed the recycling center he worked at.

Find the Owl

Let's say you're a delicious little mouse, minding its own business and doing little mousy things, when you get the sudden and dreadful feeling that you are being watched by something that wants to make you lunch.   Can you spot the owl before you find yourself crammed in its mouth?

People Who Park Like Jerks Paying For It

If you park your car like a jerk, you shall be treated as a jerk and, believe me, these jerks had it coming.

Irritating Things

Do you suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder?  If so, you're really going to hate this...

Pure Awesomeness

Today, we are saluting people, places and things that are awesome in big ways or small ways.


This poor guy went to the doctor complaining of stomach pain and itchy skin and, when he was examined, doctors discovered that his body was riddled with tapeworms.  This will probably put you off of sushi for all time.

Flying Leopard

Imagine you're a tiny gazelle just eating grass and doing gazelle stuff when all of the sudden, a leopard is chewing on your neck and you're wondering, how did THAT happen?

Inappropriate Kid's Books

I grew up reading some of these books and my parole officer says I'm perfectly adjusted!