The Sliders Meet The X-Files Saga
The entire grand and ultimately pointless five-story arch is gathered here!
Sliders Meet the X-Files
Sliders Meet the X-Files III: The Search for II
Sliders Meet the X-Filesł: Beating a Dead Horse
Sliders Meet the X-Files IV: The One After Three and Before Five
Sliders Meet the X-Files V: The Final Frontier
Amesay Oldyay Rapcay
Scully returns to Sunnydale looking for Mulder with her new partner, Doggett, in tow.  Of course, they are joined by Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all that bunch and hilarity and hijinks follow all over again!
Attack of Big Bird
What happens when Sesame Street's big yellow dope goes on a killing spree and Jerry Falwell's no where around to bitch about it?
Attack of the Killer Hamster
When Mulder's new pet hamster mutates after eating tainted sunflower seeds, all hell breaks loose.
A Story Sent in by Some Guy Named Kyle Brasile
Mulder boldly goes where no man has gone before... to the Victoria's Secret!
The Buffy Files
Mulder and Scully meets Buffy and the gang and if that isn't a good enough summary for this story, I don't know what the hell is.
Crisco Number Two, Stinky Crisco and Buttered Lightbulbs
Scully's Adventures in daycare and other assorted wackiness.
Don't Turn Left Ever Again!
A wrong turn leads to trouble for Mulder and Scully!
Dr. Katz Analyzes the X-files Gang!
Dr. Katz is out to learn the truth when the FBI sends in a few choice agents for therapy! Dr. Katz Analyzes the X-files Gang!
Elelator Go Down the Hole
Agent Diana Fowley is about to get what's coming to her both for betraying Mulder and for that stupid Lost in Space movie!
The End of the Mulder Babes
Mulder's gotten a lot of action over the years, but you know what they say! What goes around comes around! Grab the family and a tub of popcorn, The End of the Mulder Babes is at hand!
Everything I Need to Know About Life I Learned From Star Wars and The X-Files!
I didn't need to go to kollege!
Fight the Spam
What if the truth is actually a type of processed meat?
5 Way
It's the world's only Voyager, X-Files, Farscape, James Bond, Frasier crossover! Okay, well... maybe it's not the only one... but it's the first and that's gotta count for something!
Warning! Rated PG-13!
Fruit Bowl
Mulder and Scully take total and complete control of this story... and it ain't pretty!
The Fruitcake Strikes Back
In this sequel to Fruitcake Sucks which is, in turn, a sequel to Since the World is Hollow, I Must Have Touched the Ground, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are thrown into the galaxy far, far away were they have to join forces with Luke, Leia, Lando, and Leia's shrink!
Episode 5 1/4: Bad Movies, Cheap Popcorn, and the Dark Side
Episode 5 5/8: Bad drinks, cheap hotels, and NO COMMON SENSE
Episode 5 10/11: Bad Titles, Cheap Gags, and a Walnut
Have They All Gone Mad?
In this story Mulder and Scully get in a serious car accident while on their way to a UFO convention and they both have to go to a mental hospital......
Hair N' Voltswagons
This one is a little hard to explain. Let's just say it's like X-Files meets Tommy Boy.
Honor? You've Got to be Kidding!
When there is a murder on a Klingon ship, Mulder and Scully are transported to the 24th century to invesitgate. Is Worf the culprit? Is he the victim?
It Could Happen to You
Ever notice how redheaded co-stars are often pushed out of the spotlight? Can Scully follw the exaple of another redhead and keep that from happening to her! Look out Scully, It Could Happen to You !!!
No description yet.
Just a Bit of Science Fiction!
And now for something completely different... it's... an X-Files story based on the famous Monty Python sketch! Can Mulder and Scully crack the case when UFOs start changing everyone into Scotsman!?
Kathleen Dooley's Thoughts on the X-Files
Kathleen Dooley sent me a few random thoughts of hers and I thought they were funny, so here they are!
The Legion of Lame @$$E$
Doctor Evil has gathered up the lamest villains from all corners of the globe to take over the world. Luckily for us, Mulder and Scully are on the case. Unluckily for us... so is Batgirl!  Rated R for language and sexual suggestion!
The Legion of Lame Asses II: The Girl With the Golden Pussy
Doctor Evil and the Legion of Lame Asses are back and this time, they've got the ultimate weapon for world domination!  Now, can Mulder, Scully, Doggett, and Lara Croft stop them in time for Doctor Evil unwittingly unleashes an evil diabolical force that will destroy all life on Earth!? Rated R for language and sexual suggestion.
The Legion of Lame Asses III Episode One: Never Say Member Again!
While looking for Mulder; Scully, Dogget, and Reyes stir LOLA back into action and, this time, Doctor Evil is bound and determined to kill them once and for all as they team up with all sorts of lame characters from movies and television! 
Rated R for language and sexual suggestion.
The Legion of Lame Asses 4ever: The Legion Re-Lolaed
Mulder and Scully must team up with Gollum to destroy the One Ring in the fires of Mount Doom, Taiwan while Doggett and Reyes team up with Allan Quartermaine to hunt down Kangaroo Jack and evade the deadly T-X Terminator! 
Rated R for language and sexual suggestion.
The Legion of Lame Asses V: I, Lola
Doctor Evil attempts to open a portal to Direct to Video Hell while Mulder and the X-Files gang team up with Catwoman to stop him!  But, who is this strange man that Doctor Evil is plotting with?  Rated R for language and sexual suggestion.
Those telekenetic chicks from the episode "Syzygy" are back and this time, they've turned their hatred and supernatural power on someone who truely deserves it... Agent Diana Fowley!
Let's Do the Time Warp Again!
When the USS Voyager is accidentally and conveniently pulled into 1996, Mulder and Scully join forces with Janeway to keep 24th century technology out of the hands of the dastardly cancerman!
More Than Meets the Files
More Than Meets the Files II
More than Meets the Files III 
More than Meets the Files IV
The author described it best when he called it, "an obscenely long X-files/Transformers crossover parody, featuring cameos from other cartoon shows!"
Confronted by traitorous pain-in-the-butt Diana Fowley, Scully proves she's not as mature as we've been led to believe!
Mulder and Scully in a Horror Movie
A night of camping turns into a low brow night of horror for Scully!
My Best Friend's Partner
Scully's a bit aprehensive about Mulder's ex-partner... and vice versa! Can the two get along, or end up ripping each other's esophaguses out?
The NeXt Files
Mulder get stinking drunk, wanders into a badly-placed special effect, and ends up in the future! Marty McFly, eat your heart out!
A Night At the Carnival
Mulder and Scully are assigned to investigate the most foul evil demonic, horrible, excruciatingly evil, foul, hideous... well, you get the idea. With the help of their new partner, Scooby-Doo, Mulder and Scully must solve a mega-mystery in A Night in the Park!!! I wonder who brought the pooper-scooper?
101 X-Files Gift Ideas
Shopping for that X-Phile that's impossible to buy for? Here's 101 X-Files Gift Ideas to help you in all of your shopping needs!
The P- Files
A mysterious force of the unknown traps Mulder and Scully in the world of Pokémon! You thought the episode about the guy who ate livers was nauseating? You ain't seen nothing yet!
Rated PG!
Rejected X-Files Spinoffs!
In the wake of the Star Trek spinoffs, Fox unveiled 10 spinoffs of the X-Files. These spinoffs were never made (thank God!), and FOX stashed them away to avoid embarrassment. But thanks to a mysterious man in a trenchcoat, The Ten Rejected X-Files Spinoffs are displayed here for the first time! (Don't read on a full stomach).
The Return of Samantha
Mulder's sister returns... again!
The Scooby-Doo Files
When Fred's Uncle George is killed under mysterious circumstances, the Scooby-Doo bunch team up with Mulder and Scully to crack the case!
Sell Out
The next big Sci-Fi crossover finds Mulder and Scully on Spiderman's world along with Buffy, Voyager, Sliders, and Mortal Kombat in this sequel to
What the Hell!?
Silence of the...
Mulder goes head to head with world famous psychopath, Doctor Hannibal Lecter!
So Many X-Files Shows
The latest (and not-so-greatest) spin-offs of The X-Files!
Star Trek: The Truth is Out There
Star Trek: Voyager/X Files crossover.  No description yet.
The Toys Are Out There
A hilarious movie.  It takes a little while to get going and it's pretty cheesy, but the payoff is well worth it!
The Toddler Files
The adventures of Mulder, Scully, and Scully's brat.
'Twas The Night Before Christmas: X Files Style
The presents are out there.
VegaETS's Untitled Parody
The consortium's latest scheme has Cancerman questioning Krycek's sexuality!  It's a parody where the author thought of everything... except a title.
What an Amazing Coincidence!
Who Says Crossovers are Bad Things?
A timer malfunction causes the wormhole to go wacky and slides the sliders to many new worlds where they accidentally pick up passengers along the way! Yes, it's the first Sliders, X-Files, Highlander, ER, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess, Superman: The Animated Series crossover (For obvious reasons).
Another once in a lifetime crossover makes it's way to The Slightly Warped Website! What happens when the Sliders meet The X Files meet E.R. meet Early Edition meet Deep Space Nine meet Star Wars meet Conan O'Brien meet god-knows what else? Why, \/\/|-|@TE\/ER happens!
\/\/|- |@TE\/ER!
\/\/|- |@TE\/ER to the Second Power
\/\/|- |@TE\/ER Cubed
\/\/|- |@TE\/ER and Ever Amen
\/\/|- |@TE\/ER Never Dies
What the Hell!?
It's the crossover that no one expected! The Sliders meet Voyager meet the Ghostbusters meet the X-Files meet Pinky and the Brain meet Jay and Silent Bob! After reading this story, you too will be asking yourself... What the Hell!?
Who Wants to Be a Millionare?
If it means having to sit with Regis for a half hour, I don't!
X-Files Blackboard Lines
You know how Bart Simpson is always writing a phrase over and over again on the blackboard as punishment during the opening of The Simpsons? Well, very few people know this, but Skinner punishes Mulder and Scully in much the same way! Don't believe me? Well, read X-Files Blackboard Lines and then write "I will not doubt The Slightly Warped Website again" one hundred times on the chalkboard!

One more thing! Did you know that the consortium has started punishing Cancerman the same way too! 
Read Cancerman's Blackboard Lines!

X-Files: Fart on the Future
Gillian Anderson's had it with inane scripts and plots than go nowhere and she's not taking it anymore in this insane parody of
X-Files: Fight the Future
The X-Files Meet Forrest Gump
What would happen if a broadcast of The X-Files and Forrest Gump got scrambled together?
The X-Files Musical
FOX is hitting a new low this sweeps as Mulder and Scully spend an entire episode singing like birds! See the horrible truth!
The X(Mas)-Files
Mulder and Scully investigate a strange red-suited creature who enters the homes of billions of people all over the world once a year!
Mulder and Scully investigate strange UFO sightings in a piss-ant, hick, white-bred, peckerwood mountain town known as South Park!
Warning: Rated R!!!
X-Files Top Ten Lists
X Files Through the TV Screen
No summary available.