What The Hell is this on Mars?


Mars enthusiasts are losing their shit over this picture from the Curiosity rover on the Red Planet.  Has the spunky little robot actually discovered alien life on Mars?


This picture doesn’t look like much, but when we zoom in…


It still doesn’t look like much.



Mother of God.

Is that a crab?  Has the Curiosity Rover actually discovered a real life alien?

NASA maintains that it’s not and says that what we’re seeing is only an unnusual rock formation.  They chalk up the “alien crab” to something called “pareidolia,” the psychological phenomenon when your brain perceives something that does not exist like the face on Mars or when someone says Nicki Minaj has talent.

But NASA can’t hide the obvious.  We know what it is.  We know the truth…

The truth is, we’re fucked.


Stand back, bitches, I got this!

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  • Shane

    That honestly doesn’t look like an “unusual rock formation”. The rock around it does not look at all like

    that bit. NASA is/are the experts here, but would they really tell us if they did find something? My guess is: probably not.