Voyager’s Golden Records

When the Voyager probes were launched in 1977, they not only left Earth with an array of scientific instruments, but also left with two golden records that contained sounds, music, and images of the planet it left behind.  Although the odds are remote, it was thought that an alien civilization might find the probes one day and use the records to not only learn about Earth, but also use the information to find our home and pay us a visit.

Contained here are a collection of those images.

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Jason Donner

Jason Donner devoured the universe and you are all living inside him.
  • rrmin

    Sure, send the aliens everything they need to know to efficiently exterminate us.

  • Karl Popp

    Such vanity to think all that gobbledygook could be deciphered by anyone other than a mid to late 20th century earthling.

    • Jason_Donner

      I’m pretty sure Carl Sagan and NASA knew what they were doing.

  • toxiceye

    I think, quite firmly, that if they need to know we understand basic arithmetic and biochem and that we have a Taj Mahal, then they don’t care much about exterminating us. *IF* that were their goal, they wouldn’t care about that kind of thing. *IF* that weren’t their goal, then it might be nice for them to understand a little of what we do and don’t know before they come meet our leaders.

    I also believe that if they can cross a few dozen lightyears, then they can figure out that we are showing them that we dig mitosis and that we are, by extension, displaying a window of our knowledge so that they know where we are (were) technologically.

    (bad Prime Directive joke here ______________ .)

  • Shane

    This is awesome, beautiful, terrifying, and…..well…..awesome again.