Unbelievable Yet True Facts That Are True!


These three cages, that were used to hold the dismembered remains of opposing religious leaders in the region in 1536, still hang on St. Lambert’s Cathedral in Münster, Germany

This is the blue tang surgeonfish. They are born this way to help avoid predators. As they age, they slowly take on a mostly blue hue.

The Dani People cut their fingers off every time a loved one dies.

This is a batfly.  It is wingless and attaches itself to bats and sucks their blood.

Diarrhea was one of the leading causes of deaths during the American Civil War.  The affliction was so bad and so widespread that the Union and Confederacy actually had an honor code in place not to shoot an opposing soldier who was pooping.

In 2016, it snowed in the Sahara Desert.

In her 86 years, Letizia Ramolino, the mother of Napoleon Bonaparte, lived long enough to see the collapse of the French monarchy, the French Revolution, the crowning of her son as Emperor, his death, the collapse of his empire, and the restoration of the monarchy.

Giving someone “the finger” has been use as an obscene gesture for at least 2,400 years.   The middle finger represents a penis while the two neighboring fingers represent the testicles.

A man undergoing chemotherapy is advised not to have unprotected sex as his semen becomes essentially poisonous.

If “Did Not Vote” was a candidate in the 2016 election, it would have won with 490 electoral votes.

There’s a Taco Bell in the center of the Pentagon.

Nikola Tesla once paid an overdue hotel bill with a ‘working model’ of his ‘death beam’. He warned the management never to open it without taking proper precautions to avoid detonation.  After his death in 1943, the box was pried open and they found nothing inside but a bunch of old lab components.

During the height of the California gold rush, an egg would cost the equivalent of $25 in today’s money, coffee went for $100 per pound, and a pair of boots would set you back more than $2,500.

A 3 Musketeers bar originally had three flavored bars in one package (Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla) hence the name, 3 Musketeers.

According to the US Flag Code “The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery”, and “No part of the flag should ever be used as a costume or athletic uniform”

The man standing behind George Washington and holding the American flag in the famous painting “Washington Crossing the Delaware” is 18-year-old officer and future president James Monroe.

Patrick Stewart has starred in more X-Men movies than Star Trek movies.

The exact phrase “look at this fucking bird” used to be blocked on Facebook.

The 27th Amendment to the US Constitution took 202 years to pass. It was outstanding from Sept 25, 1789 until May 5, 1992.

One frame in South Park’s first episode contains the hand of the animator.

The national anthem of Bosnia is a rip-off of the main theme to classic frat comedy “National Lampoon’s Animal House”

Elizabeth II has been Queen of England for over 25% of the time that the United States has been a country.

Catherine the Great built some of the first roller coasters on her palace grounds.

In the 16th century, Edward de Vare, a courtier in the court of Queen Elizabeth I, accidentally broke wind, after which he was so emberassed he left England without warning and didn’t return for seven years. When he finally did, Elizabeth greeted him by saying: “My Lord, I had forgotten the fart.”

The highest point in the continental United States, Mount Whitney, is only 85 miles from Death Valley, the lowest point in the continental United States.   They are actually in the same county!

The song La Cucaracha is about a cockroach that dies because it can’t smoke weed.

Shaggy and Scooby always run side by side when escaping a monster, but given that the Great Dane can run between 30-40 miles per hour, Shaggy would be the fastest man alive, outrunning Usain Bolt whose top speed is 27 mph.

Over 250 television shows have come and gone on the FOX network during The Simpsons’ run.



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