Totally Interesting Pictures


A portable flood wall in Austria.

A zoomed-out view of The Pillars of Creation.

The progression of profile photos from the BoJack Horseman Facebook page.

Plankton under an electron microscope.

Stan Lee wrote a poem about Batman.


The Great Pyramid has eight sides, not four.

How the Millennium Falcon is supposed to haul freight.

Meteorite Blade

A blade made of meteorite.

Mummified Buddhist Monk Gets Covered in Gold and Turned into a Statue

A mummified Buddhist monk was covered in gold and turned into a statue.

I was in a car accident today, and as a souvenir all I got was this lousy Audi logo burnt into my arm (from the steering wheel).

When you have a car accident and the logo from the steering wheel gets stamped into your arm.





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