Tim Burton’s Concept Art for Disney’s ‘The Black Cauldron’


Do you remember Disney’s The Black Cauldron?  It’s okay… no one else does either.

The movie, released in 1985, was an unusually dark animated movie and was a critical and commercial failure and mostly forgotten and overlooked today.  However, an up and coming artist named Tim Burton, who would go on to do some relatively well known works later, did some concept drawings for the movie in 1983 that were very strongly rejected by the studio, but one has to wonder what The Black Cauldron might have become if Burton had his way.

Tim Burton’s concept art for Disney’s The Black Cauldron (1985).







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  • Ellex

    I actually watched the film a few months ago (saw it in the theater originally, too…yeah, I’m that old). Having read the book, and the entire series it’s a part of, I don’t think Burton’s style really fits it. But the final version of Gurgi in the film is not far off Burton’s drawings.