The X-Files: “My Struggle II”

Season 10, Episode 6

Airdate: February 22, 2016

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So the revival season ends as it began with a dull thud and dialogue-heavy episode devoted to a tired mythology that we, as fans, have been over for fifteen years.  Someone really needs to let Chris Carter know that we no longer give a squeegied shit about alien conspiracies or DNA.  That plot went nowhere fifteen years ago and it’s gone nowhere today.  We’re sick of it.  It drags down the show.  Give it a rest.

x-files-106-12-530x354The world goes to Hell in a handtruck as a plague suddenly begins to affect everyone on the planet, leaving Scully and a few of Cancerman’s chosen elite immune.  As civilization crumbles and falls, Mulder rides to have a final confrontation with the black-lunged sonofabitch behind it all while Scully and Agent Einstein search for a cure because, let’s face it, Agent Einstein wasn’t grating at all nor was she a shallow caricature of Scully in the first place planted into the show as an obvious joke and it was so goddamn wonderful to see her return like a malignant tumor or a herpes outbreak.

This episode was a goddamn mess.  If this season was a sandwich, it would be the finest in deli meats and cheeses contained in between two pieces of stale bread made of bullshit and boredom.  It says a lot of my previous point that The X-Files is at its best when it’s not falling victim to its own bloated alien mythology arch and just telling good, goofy, scary, and horrific stories of the unknown.  If anything, “My Struggle II” only proves me right in the worst possible way.

While it was a pleasant and somewhat exciting change to see an episode of The X-Files affect the real world in such a large way… actually seeing the collapse of civilization instead of just being told that it’s going to happen at some point in the future, the episode was mired in campy dialogue and so many pointless moments that it made my head spin.  While it was fun to see Cancerman again, the entire Mulder story was a pointless waste only allowing Cancerman to vocalize what Scully had said before only moments ago and, yes… his survival from the finale in 2002 was a major stretch considering he was blown up by a goddamn missile.

He’s very much alive, but very badly burned!

It’s a shame that they had to end the season this way.  Even the cliffhanger reeked of desperation as if Chris Carter threw his hands in the air and was all like, “I don’t fucking know!  End it with a spaceship!”  As a member of the audience, I was simply shaking my head in disbelief thinking… is that it?

It was boring.  It was frustrating.  It was tedious.

Sitting through this episode was My Struggle.

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