The X-Files: “Babylon”

Season 10, Episode 5
Airdate: February 15, 2016

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Of all of the stand-alone episodes of this season, this one has been the weakest though it didn’t go down without a fight.  It tried to be topical and controversial with the radical Muslim terrorists, it tried to be humorous with the Mulder and Scully clones, and it tried to be weird with the magic mushroom trip… all with varying degrees of success.

1200But hey, like I said, the show did try to so something new and different and the effort did not go unnoticed.

The thing about this episode that rubbed me the wrong way was Agents Miller and Einstein, virtual clones of Mulder and Scully.  I really didn’t find them very funny, I supposed, because they were a little too exaggerated in their mannerisms and came off as naive and childish… Einstein came off as a straight up bitch and there was really no way I was rooting for these two.  I know they’re supposed to be caricatures, but they were ridiculous caricatures that felt like they were created by someone who either didn’t watch the show or didn’t like the show.

The whole Muslim bomber story didn’t sit well with me either mostly because it’s no where near as edgy as the writers believed it to be.  While I’m sure it was intended for me and those watching with me to get our panties in a twist somehow, we were mostly just sighing because we’ve seen this stuff already.  It’s been done.  Next please?

The true star of the hour was Mulder’s mushroom trip.  It was weird, hilarious, and allowed the Lone Gunmen to make a cameo appearance after their deaths from Season 9 that I’m still pissed off about.

The ending of this episode was a little too self-congratulatory for my tastes, devolving into long and overwrought discussions of duty and a higher power that, to me, seemed like the writers patting themselves on the back — a pat that they honestly didn’t deserve.

Not completely impressed with this episode, but at least it tried.  That’s the thing with a series that sometimes takes chances… sometimes those chances don’t pay off.

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