The Woman Who’s Body Was Infested with Parasites

These are x-rays taken of an unidentified Chinese woman whose body became riddled with parasitic worms and cysts after a ten year diet of raw pork.

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According to doctors, the woman was actually pretty healthy until she experienced headache and muscular pain on her thigh and then her health went downhill as she started having pain all over her body, including her eyes.

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Doctora found out even her face and tongue were infected. Some worms in her brain were already calcified, which according to the doctor, shows that she had been infected for a very long time. The doctor also says in the report that for some people, the gastric acid can kill the parasite eggs but it is not the case for everyone. The doctor says the parasites in her intestinal system can be killed and pooped out but those in her other body parts cannot be passed out. So she will likely suffer from long-term sequelae.


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