The Venture Bros.: “Rapacity in Blue”

Season 6, Episode 4

Airdate: February 21. 2016

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As a new villain starts arching Doctor Venture, the Monarch assumes the identity of The Blue Morpho, his anti-hero vigilante father, to take out all of his competition.\

AkHPgWfI’m not a big fan of these short seasons every couple of years, but you can’t deny that the looming deadline doesn’t make things move.  So much happened in this episode, from The Monarch’s unwillingness and acceptance of his new role to Brock and his fascination with not-Wonder Woman.  It was fast, and it was heavy.

Amazingly enough, it was also artfully controlled.  Where another series might bungle this much frantic activity, very little screen time seemed pointless or needlessly wasted.  Everything was funny, everything worked, and I like where everything headed.  Monarch’s plan to take out Doctor Venture’s arches is clever. It’s good writing.  I like it.

The Hank and Dead stuff was the weak part of the episode and, while I understand that they’re going somewhere with Hank’s date in a future episode, the entire sequence could have been cut for something that worked better.

If the series has been about the beauty of failure, the theme of this season must be giving up and giving in.  Doctor Venture looks like he’s back to leaning on the creations of his betters, Brock has given in to Not-Wonder Woman (I know she has a name, I just can’t remember it), and The Monarch, for better or worse, has given in to his newly discovered legacy.

This short season has been wonderful thus far.  Only two episodes left!

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