The Simpsons: “Every Man’s Dream”

Season 27, Episode 1

Airdate: September 27, 2015

Homer and Marge split up and get a divorce.

1No, really.

Seriously, that’s totally what’s happened.

Okay, it’s not what happened.   I’m going to give it away… it was all a dream.  Yes, folks, that’s how lazy this episode was.

I could almost stand the cliched “it was all a dream” story if the episode was funny and had something deep to say, but it was only modestly funny and cuts off the moral as a joke.  It doesn’t even manage any emotionally honest moments between Homer and Marge, opting instead to focus on Homer moving on with a girl half his age.  Marge is hardly in the episode at all.

At least there were some emotional moments with the kids!

Oh, no wait… that didn’t happen either.  There was only one moment between Homer and Lisa and it too was cut off as a joke.

I’m not one of those people who talk crap about new Simpsons episodes, but this one was just terrible.  It misfired in every way possible and was just awful in every turn.  The revelation that it was a dream was clumsy and groan-inducing and there seemed to be little actual effort put into the whole affair.

I would go on record as saying that this is probably one of the worst Simpsons episodes of all time.

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  • Kelly

    I have been looking through tons of blog and article posts about this episode looking for some sort of answer or redeeming aspect I overlooked but I still feel empty and disappointed. there have been bad episodes in the past few seasons (and imo man have they over done the hipster character thing, WE GET IT there are 20 somethings who like craft beers and facial hair) but this was just all things that could be wrong with an episode.
    Homer has a cliche midlife crises(one more female character with a streak of color in her hair and I am gonna lose it), Marge is just 100% done and barely in the episode, the writers are apparently okay with Homer being drugged into sex, that scene with Maggie in the crib was some fucking Trainspotting shit, and it’s all fine because it was a dream you guys. I’m not looking forward to how they handle Sideshow Bob finally killing Bart or Smithers coming out. Because man could they really make some amazing episodes from those premises but no it’s gonna be like this, a hollow piece of shit the writers are too afraid to go the whole mile with.
    The entire last season felt like when your parents try to be cool but
    you know if they were just themselves everyone would be happier.
    I want a good punch in the gut episode from The Simpsons I really do, I want to watch an episode that makes me emotional and uncomfortable but in the best human way. I want to watch an episode where I actually care about the ending and nothing gets resolved, at least not quickly. They’ve worn me out as a viewer and now I just watch to see the train wreck every Sunday.

    Anyway thanks for letting me vent on your post Jason I needed this.

    • agentboolen

      I think your expecting too much from this show. You can’t even say that the originals gave the show that much meaning. It’s always been more about humor then the emotional meaning. Only sometimes they delivered on the emotion. You should find something else to fill your hole, maybe a mid life crisis… Ok sorry that was mean lol.