The Muppets: “Bear Left and then Bear Write”

Season 1, Episode 3

Airdate: October 6, 2015

After Fozzie writes a bad sketch for the show, Kermit doesn’t have the heart to tell him how bad it stinks, opting instead to tell him that he should expand it into a movie script and so Fozzie, inspired by Kermit’s words, quits the show to work on this terrible script.  Meanwhile, Gonzo has to convince Liam Helmsworth to pose in his place for a blind date and Miss Piggy seeks revenge on Christina Applegate.

c99972b8947f9de859abed8025e0b3b8f08b9549“Bear Left and the Bear Write” takes advantage of the wonderful character relationships that The Muppets have developed over the last few decades.  Fozzie and Kermit have been bros since the beginning and so, Kermit protecting his pal comes off as perfectly natural even when it starts to become destructive and hurtful.

What I enjoyed most about this episode is the way that it manages to balance three different plots without one stepping on the other and without one becoming lamer than the other two and weighing everything down.

I also loved how this episode was heavy on star power and yet used the stars as essential parts of the plot instead of just saying, “Oh, by the way… here’s Nick Offerman!”  All three of the major celebs felt like actual characters instead of glorified guest stars (like Laurence Fishburne last week).

Most of all, the show is still funny and still feels like a version of The Muppets that actually grew up with us instead of one we left behind.

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