The Most Ridiculous Star Wars Toys Ever


Jocasta Nu… because, honestly, what child wouldn’t want to play with an elderly Jedi librarian.



Rubber duckies.738a100000000000

I don’t know about you, but the idea of a Jar Jar tongue sucker would fulfill my every dream of making out with a terrible character.


Star Wars transformers.  So, if Boba Fett is actually Slave One, who’s driving it?


Aunt Beru.  Again, what child is going to play with this?   Do you set it on fire for added authenticity?  star-wars-tauntaun-open-belly-rescue

Quick, Luke!  Into the Tauntaun’s vagina for warmth and safety!


Constable Zuvio.   A background character in The Force Awakens got an action figure before Rey did?   Seriously?


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