The Grisly Porco Case Crime Scene
This is Mr and Mrs Porco in happier times with their faces intact. During the early morning hours of Nov. 15, 2004, their son Chris Porco brutally butchered them with an ax while they slept and were left for dead.
Chris Porco…. College Student, Son, Ax Murderer.
Mr. Porco sustained 16 heavy blows to the head with this ax which penetrated his skull and took off his jaw.
So whats this man do after suffering catastrophic injuries?
This hardcore mother fucker gets up and begins his day like nothing ever happened. Completely unaware he is suffering from profound shock or that his wife is bleeding to death in this bed, Peter gets up because he has other things to do.
He uses the bathroom….
He spent some time at the sink. Either trying to shave or checking out his new face.
… spraying blood on walls and hand prints on doorways, he made his way though the house.
Eventually making it downstairs to the kitchen.
Working on pure adrenaline and sheer will to get the chores done, he loads the dishwasher. I’m sure he wishes he did cooler shit with his last few hours, like write letters to his loved ones or call 911.
Instead, he packs his lunch and even signs the checks to pay for his killer’s parking tickets! He’s fully committed to his day at this point.
There’s evidence that Peter walked outside to get the newspaper and locked himself out of the house. He was cognitive enough to remember the hidden key under the potted plant and let himself back in.
Probably got dizzy and took a seat here.
And finally, death takes over and he falls face forward in the foyer leaving a macabre scene for police. Imagine watching an animated corpse walk around with gaping head wounds trying to make breakfast?
Fun Fact: The mother survived and thinks her son is innocent of the charges.
Chris Porco lived with his mom during the trial and walked her to court every day until he was convicted on all counts. Awkward.
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