The Grave in the Middle of the Road

Look closely as you pass by this unassuming and yet out-of-place median in  Hearne, Texas, for beneath stones and the historical marker that stands over, Hollie Tatnell rests in eternal slumber.

All we really know about Hollie is her name and the fact that she was born in 1859 and died in 1911.   It’s said she was born a slave, but freed with the Emancipation Proclamation.  When she died, she was buried in a segregated cemetery until 1947 when developers purchased the land and went about exhuming and removing the bodies.

Hollie’s family refused and, under a tight schedule, the developers simply built around her and that is how her grave ended up in the middle of a road.

Today, although much of who Hollie was has been lost to time, she has become a famous curiosity to those to know where to seek her out and, in case you’re wondering about her future security, The Texas Historical Commission has crafted a sign designating the site as a Historic Texas Cemetery.   Hollie isn’t going anywhere.





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