The Girl Who Cried Blood

Twinkle Dwivedi was only eleven years old when she first exhibited the strange condition that gained her worldwide attention.  There, in the midst of her friends, she began to cry blood.  Although she claimed it didn’t hurt, she was ridiculed by her peers and became an object of both disgust, wonder, and mystery.

Blood not only oozes from Twinkle’s tear ducts up to fourteen times a day, but also from her pores as well.

Even now, as she has grown, there has been no medical explanation for her condition.  Some religious and supernatural explanations have been offered, but no one seems to be able to agree.  It could even be that Twinkle suffers from a disease so rare that she is the only person on record to have been afflicted by it.  It could also be that there is some sort of deception for fame or money involved.

Whatever the case, Twinkle continues to be a source of wonder and sympathy for those around her.

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Jason Donner

Jason Donner devoured the universe and you are all living inside him.