The Gifted: “eXposed”

Welcome to The X-Men universe!   Except… the X-Men aren’t around, so maybe this is the universe of Logan?   Or is it one of the McAvoy timelines?   Perhaps this is the Deadpool universe?  How many X-Men universes are there, anyhow?

Okay, so… it’s the universe of the X-Men, the X-Men have disappeared due to budgetary and legal reasons, and now emerging mutants are being rounded up and unjustly put into mutie-prison.   It’s like being Muslim, but instead of your superpower being the ability to always be randomly selected at airports, you can make portals and laser and shit.

Thus is this way of life… it sucks, but if you’re not a mutant, you don’t have anything to worry about.   Unfortunately, a quiet suburban family just got a couple of things to worry about and now, they find themselves on the run to protect their children from the anti-mutie po-po.

This ain’t X-Men and I think that’s one of the things that really works for it.   The approach that The Gifted has taken, a lot like Legion, is so dramatically different for a superhero series, that even its simplistic story of being on the run from the law seems fresh instead of well-trodden.  Most of the superheroes on TV, the CW shows notwithstanding, always seem to want to tell a story in a superhero universe without the superhero.   Agents of Shield wants to exist in the Marvel universe without the Marvel heroes, Gotham wants to be Batman minus Batman… with The Gifted, however, this absent-superhero shtick actually works… it makes the drama heightened and the action more tense.

I really enjoyed it… far more than I felt I was going to because, even though it’s been a few years, I still remember Fox’s last attempt at a live-action X-Men television series and how bad it was.  Yes, I know it’s been almost 30 years, but Generation X is a trauma that doesn’t go away with time.  It’s a lot like herpes.

So I hear.

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