The Adventures of Pluto Nash

Every now and then, a movie comes along that tantalizes your senses, tickles your funnybone, and stays with you for the rest of your days. A movie that defines a generation and wins tons and tons of awards for its wit, its profoundness, and its heart.

The Adventures of Pluto Nash is not one of those movies.

God, GOD! This movie sticks on ice.

Eddie Murphy plays the title character, a man who owns a nightclub on the moon in the far future who is being pressured to sell his club to lunar gangsters so they can turn it into a casino. I guess it’s fitting that this movie takes place on the moon since both are so vacuous.

This movie is about as fun as three months of math camp, about as funny as as watching a kid in a wheelchair get hit by a car, and if you’re stupid enough to spend eight bucks to see this horrible thing, you should immediately loose your right to vote.

It’s just incomprehensible how a movie this bad could be made in the first place. I mean, didn’t anyone see any red flags with this thing sometime during its development?

Boy, this movie is rank. Comparing it to any other bad movie would be doing the other bad movie a severe injustice and I would probably get sued for libel if I did.

Let’s just say that The Adventures of Pluto Nash deserved to loose every penny of the 90 million it lost on its disastrous opening weekend.

I’ve got to stop going to these kind of movies just to see if they’re as bad as everyone says they are.

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