The Accidental Geyser

Nevada’s Fly Geyser is an incredible accidental natural/man-assisted wonder.  Here is why is it so amazing.

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  • Gerlacher

    I was just there three days ago, & I traveled over 800 miles 0to see it, come hell, “hot water.” There are a lot of misconceptions & wrong information given about the Geyser. Up close, the actual funnels are closer to 7 feet tall, & yet they sit on some plateau pools which rise at least 8 feet off the ground, making the total height of the geyser from the ground level much closer to 15 feet. Because of its desolate & remote location, there is very little truth to the notion that a caretaker monitors the property on a constant basis (there are no houses, or places for a tenant to stay on the 100+ wild acres). The townsfolk of Gerlach Nevada do not condone trespassing on private land, but have also communicated that “those who wish to see the geyser up close are typically the kind of people with a great respect & appreciation for what it is; not the type of people, as the owners would assume, who would drive to the middle of nowhere just to damage or vandalize the property.” One gentlemen from the town confirmed to me that he “sees people every week comin’ back with pictures of that place, and ain’t one of ’em ever been arrested.”
    The truth is that it is privately owned by some ranchers from out of state. Yes, trespassing is breaking the law, & not recommended. There are no “Security Cameras in use 24 hours a day” as the sign on the gate suggests. The owners refuse to sell it or to give the public any access to see it, & for over 4 years have maintained a staunch “no communication/solicitation policy” with sightseers, travelers. The “Friends of the Black Rock” office told me that the only time the owners were willing to let a photography crew onto the property to film for an hour was when they paid a sum of $10,000. Some other locals told me that the previous owner, many years ago was extremely amicable to visitors, & wanted not only the geyser, but also the lush geothermic pools to be “enjoyed by all.” One gentlemen, from the town of Wadsworth, told me he “used to swim in the pools next to the geyser all the time as a kid.” It seems clear that the entire Northern Nevada economy would benefit economically from some cooperation of the owners of Fly Ranch, but it sadly does not look like they have any interest in allowing others to freely enjoy this natural wonder unless it lines their pocket books.
    Use your own judgement.