Ten of my Favorite Ghost Pictures

While I do believe that 99 percent of all ghost pictures can either be explained away by fakery or by confusing the natural with the supernatural (Looking at you, orb photos), I have always enjoyed a good ghost story and those stories are only enhanced when they are accompanied by a photo of the spook in question.

So don’t think of this list as me saying that these pictures are genuine.   If you believe they’re not real, chances are, I don’t think they are either.   But you don’t have to believe to appreciate a good story and, to be honest, there are a few of these I can’t really explain.

So who knows?

#10:  The Wicked Witch of Joshua Ward

Joshua Ward was built on the foundation of the home of a former sheriff responsible for the hanging of witches during the infamous Salem Witch trials.   The story goes that as he was trying to coerce a confession from a suspected witch by crushing him with rocks, the witch cursed him and his home.

As a result, there have been multiple reports of hauntings at Joshua Ward.  Candles will be taken out of their holders and melted, trash cans are turned over, motion alarms go off for no reason, and it always seems cold in one corner of the house.

A real estate agent was using a Polaroid camera to take a head shot of one the employees at the house and, when the photo was developed she got a chilling image of a woman in frizzy black hair standing in the middle of the hallway in the background.  Many believe that this may me one of the many souls condemned to death on the grounds where Joshua Ward now stands.

#9: The Elderly Woman Who Won’t Leave

I know very little about this picture other than the fact that the elderly lady allegedly was not in the room when the picture was taken.  According to what little I do know, the elderly woman is the former owner of the home where the picture was taken and had been deceased long before this picture was snapped.  Apparently, she loves her home so much that even death can’t make her leave.

#8: The Sheffield Park Woman

Christopher Petty and his brother were out enjoying a warm Sussex day in Sheffield Park snapping pictures in 2004.  When they got the film developed, they noticed the shadowy form of an elderly woman in the background.

The BBC broadcast a story about this and, shortly after, they were contacted by the family of a woman named Mrs. Florence Bristow who told them that Mrs. Bristow had tragically died in the park in 2001.  The family even stated that the woman in the picture, in addition to bearing a striking resemblance to Mrs. Bristow, was even wearing the same clothing that their departed matriarch was wearing when she died.

#7:  The Demon on his Shoulder

Joe Martinez says that he was involved in drugs until an image in a picture taken at his in-law’s anniversary changed his life.  Sitting on Martinez’ shoulder was an animal… they assumed it was a demon, an evil spirit, or Satan himself.

Today, Martinez claims that he carries the picture with him at all times and that the image caused him to clean up his act and get off of drugs.

#6:  The A&M Galveston Face

There is a demonic face on the side of the University of Texas Medical Building at A&M Galveston.    The face has survived every attempt to remove it (even sandblasting) and, supposedly, it has moved from every panel that the school tries to remove it from.   The story is that officials are afraid to sandblast it again because they fear it may move into the building itself through the door below it.

Keep in mind that the building is off limits to the public. People have drowned trying to see this thing.  It is state property and access is restricted. You can be arrested.   So just enjoy these pictures from the comfort of your home.

#5.  The SS Watertown Ghosts

James Courtney and Michael Meehan, crew members of the S.S. Watertown, were cleaning a cargo tank of the oil tanker in 1924. Through a freak accident, the two men were overcome by gas fumes and killed. As was the custom of the time, the sailors were buried at sea off the Mexican coast on December 4.

But this was not the last the remaining crew members were to see of their unfortunate shipmates. The next day, before dusk, the first mate reported seeing the faces of the two men in the waves off the port side of the ship. For several days thereafter, the phantom-like faces of the sailors were clearly seen by other members of the crew.  Captain Keith Tracy took six photos, and when the film was processed, the sixth showed the ghostly faces of the doomed seamen. The negative was checked for fakery by the Burns Detective Agency and they found none.   Once the ship’s crew was rotated out, the faces were not seen again.

#4. The Backseat Ghost

In 1959 a woman named Mrs. Mabel Chinnery visited the grave of her mother and brought along her camera to take photographs. She took a few pictures of her mother’s gravestone and then took a picture of her husband who was sitting alone in their car.

When the film was developed, the couple was shocked to see a figure wearing glasses sitting in the back seat of the car. Mrs. Chinnery immediately recognized the woman as her mother – the very woman whose grave they had visited on that day. A photographic expert who examined the print and negative determined that the image of the woman was neither a reflection nor a double exposure and exactly how the deceased woman’s image wound up in the back of the car has never been explained.

#3:  Granny’s Ghost

This picture, taken in 1997 at a picnic, shows an elderly grandmother, but what is interesting is the man behind her that went unnoticed until 2000 after the grandmother had passed away.    The man behind her bears a striking resemblance to her husband, who had died in 1984.

#2: The Backyard Visitors

An elderly lady in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee told her relatives that there were “ghosts” in her back yard and that they would simply come out of the woods, walk around, and then disappear.   No one believed her, of course, so she got her camera and waited.  Sure enough, her backyard visitors didn’t disappoint and, needless to say, her family finally believed.

#1:  The Amityville Horror

We all know about the Amityville Horror, but in the subsequent investigation of the home, a motion sensitive night camera, designed to take pictures in total darkness, snapped a picture of a boy peaking around a banister.   The boy bears a striking resemblance to the youngest of the DeFayo boys who was murdered in the house by their own brother who claimed he was possessed by an evil spirit.

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