Teen Wolf: “The Beast of Beacon Hills”

Season 5, Episode 19

Airdate: March 1, 2016

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As the identity of the Beast has been revealed, Scott and Liam must reluctantly join forces with Theo (because, come on, he’s so trustworthy) to track him down and save their friend who is, unknowingly, hosting the beast inside of them.

Meanwhile, Braeden and Malia await the Desert Wolf who has a mad on to kill her daughter.

0Meanwhile, Duecalion is not helpless anymore.

Meanwhile, Lydia has to help man up Parrish.

Meanwhile, Kira is still trying to get control of the Kitsune.

I’ve finally got it figured out.  I’ve finally put my finger on what’s been bothering me so much about this season and I’m cursing myself for not seeing it when it was right in front of me.

So, you all know how much I hated Heroes Reborn and how I complained about how the show was just a bunch of boring characters scattered to the wind with plots and stories that went nowhere, right?   Fire half of those assholes and replace those no-name assholes with the likable assholes on this show and you’ve got the same problem.   In a sense, Teen Wolf has got the thinking process of an actual teenager meaning that everything is overly dramatic, there are a dozen different things happening at once, and the attention is most deficit.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I enjoy Teen Wolf far more than I ever did enjoy Heroes Reborn because, as I said, I like the characters on this show and can actually remember their names without having to look them up.  Sure, the show is a little silly and no where near as strong as it used to be, but I still enjoy it.  Hell, I’ll take bad Teen Wolf over “good” Heroes Reborn any day, but the two series did suffer from much the same problem… a near-complete lack of focus.

Where Teen Wolf is tolerable where Heroes Reborn was not is that they do at least have their eyes on the ball and do allow a few of their characters to chase the white rabbit down the hole towards the season’s endgame.  Scott, Liam, Theo, and Mason are committed to advancing the story and, as a result, the series has the direction going for it that Heroes Reborn does not.   Where Teen Wolf is failing is the superfluous side-plots.   Watching Teen Wolf is like watching a friend play a really great open sandbox video game, only instead of trying to get to the boss battle, they go on all of the useless side-quests instead.   I care fuck-all nothing about the Desert Wolf as she has had exactly zero impact on the story all season long.  I care fuck-all nothing about Kira’s kitsune problems as it has had almost zero impact on the story all season long.

That’s what kills me is that this series wastes so much time and effort on useless side quests when it should be focused on the goal!

But, then again, as I said… Teen Wolf is like an actual teenager — blotches, pimples, and all.  The side-quests are annoying, but the main story is interesting when it’s not getting interrupted by stupid shit.   I’m a little shocked that the Dread Doctors are apparently dead Dread Doctors now because I was kind of expecting something more… big?  Then again, perhaps it’s best that these seemingly unstoppable foes were brought down by their own machinations.  Perhaps it’s the curse of every mad scientist to be destroyed by their own creation?

It is good that the show is not focusing on the shattered pack anymore and the family has been reunited and is functioning as one again.  I like it when it’s like this.  I liked the characters, I like it when they work together… it just feels right.


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