Teen Wolf: “Parasomnia”

Season 1, Episode 2

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After an opening episode of insanity, Teen Wolf slowed it down a bit to allow viewers and characters to catch their breath and to finally start revealing a bit about what the hell is going on.teen-wolf-recap_612x380This week, we were introduced to Tracy, a new character who’s having nightmares and is puking up black blood which, of course, means that there are more to her nightmares than being just nightmares.  We learn more about Theo, the new werewolf – a former schoolmate of Scott and Stiles – who appeared suddenly and wants to be part of Scott’s pack.  Scott trusts him, Stiles doesn’t and he’s determined to find out what it is about Theo that is shady as fuck.While not as exciting or as mind-screwingly glorious as last week’s episode, “Parasomnia” allowed us to take a breath and enjoy these characters being characters.  I said last episode that Teen Wolf is one of the most criminally underrated television series on the air today and one of the things that makes Teen Wolf so great is that, in an age where TV shows seem to frown on intelligence, the characters on Teen Wolf are smart.  They have aspirations, they have skill, and when they don’t have either, they work for it.  No one on this show is a stereotypical stupid person.  And I know you’re going to say, “What about Malia?”  To which I say… she was never happy being stupid and worked at it until she became an achiever.  It’s just so great to see a series throw a spotlight on actual intelligent people.I can tell that conflict is brewing in between Scott, who sees the best in people, and Stiles who doesn’t.  They were really dropping some major foreshadowing that Scott and Liam are about to clash.That was the main focus on “Parasomnia”… to set the characters against each other and set up the dominoes to fall over this season and, to be honest, it does a great job in doing it.  The bad guys are menacing and interesting and I can’t wait to see where everything goes.

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