Teen Wolf: “Lies of Omission”

Episode 9, Season 5


It’s kind of depressing how fast this all went downhill.  This season has had it together so solidly as far as quality goes and then this episode come along and everything goes splat.

animal-tags-003-07312015So, The Dread Doctors… we still don’t know who they are, what they are, or what they want and they keep winning.  This was fine and good for the majority of the season, but now it’s starting to wear thin.  I don’t mind seeing the heroes of a series go up against superior foes, but usually the show is smart enough to allow them to gain at least a little ground or else, when the bad guys are finally defeated, it looks like an implausible Hail Mary.  Unfortunately, that’s where it looks like Teen Wolf is headed and, to be honest, I’m starting to get tired of the Doctors… their mysterious malevolence was great for a while, but now they’re almost cartoonishly evil.  They have no motivations and no reason for anything… and it’s getting so damn dull.

Likewise with Theo.  At first, it was kind of fun to have an infiltrator in Scott’s pack, but now he’s just an annoying asshole using junior high school girl tactics to drive wedges between Scott and his friends — this week was the big reveal as, thanks to Theo, Scott learned that Stiles killed Donovan.  It wasn’t an overly intelligent scheme on Theo’s behalf, to be honest… he basically just told Scott a lie and relied on Scott and Stiles having a big misunderstanding.

That’s it.

Theo’s plan relied on dumb fucking luck.

Scott and Stiles could have found him out right then and right there with just one or two additional words, but no… it was all dumb fucking luck.

The entire episode was a low-effort mess to be honest, almost as if the cast and crew are getting tired of this particular story as well.  The fight scene was bland, the relationship between Hayden and Liam is bland, and Scott continual self-doubt is bland and boring.  It’s time to move on, kids!

On the other end of Beacon Hills, there was finally movement on the Parish story and at least there we saw some forward progression.  At least a little bit of the mystery is getting interesting again.

I’ve loved the season so far, but now I’m starting to have reservations.   The plot has got to advance, it just has to.

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