Teen Wolf: “Creatures of the Night”

Season 5, Episode 1


Teen Wolf doesn’t get the respect it’s owed.  I know it’s still a shock to the system to see something of actual quality on MTV and, yes, last season did end up sucking a mouthful of balls, but even at its worst, Teen Wolf is something to see.  It continually proves that it’s the little show that could, in spite of the naysayers who, in all likelyhood, have probably never watched an entire episode.

0One thing that I really enjoy about this series is that it never settles for doing humdrum normal baddies like vampires, for instance.  Teen Wolf trots out the weird stuff… the obscure shit from other cultures like the nogitsune or the kanama and, in the first new episode of what I’m assuming is the show’s final year, that trend continues.

Quite frankly, I don’t know what’s going on.

And that’s kind of the point.

Season five opens up with the gang’s senior year.  Scott and Stiles are wondering about their future while still aiding werewolf newcomer, Liam, master his wolfy powers.  Kira has returned from a summer in New York, Malia is worried she won’t be a senior at all given that she’s spent the majority of her life as a coyote, and Deputy Parish has somehow ended up on Sheriff Stalinski’s shit list.

The night is shattered with the arrival of a new werewolf that has been enhanced with some weird new life-draining power which also signifies the coming of a new group of mad doctor bad guys…

…oh, and apparently this entire season is going to be a flashback from Lydia who has been committed to the nuthouse after something bad happened to her friends.

So, yeah… I don’t know what’s going on, but I can say that, as far as mystery shrouded cock-teasing plots go, this is a good one.  It revealed just enough to keep things mysterious, but not irritatingly so.  The plots that were covered felt like a nice continuation from the last couple of seasons (another reason I sadly suspect this year may be the last for Teen Wolf) and so many balls were left up in the air at the end that I can’t wait to see where they land.

Could this be a gigantic clusterfuck like last season?  Quite possibly, but for now I’ll take it for what it is… a very strong debut for one of the most under-appreciated televisions series on the air today.

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  • Ellex

    I can’t read all this post (because I haven’t seen the first episodes of season 5 yet) but I agree with you that Teen Wolf is vastly underrated. It’s not a good as it could be, either…but the acting is excellent, the writing is, at least, a damn sight better than most of the crap on TV, and it’s never predictable.