Teen Wolf: “Condition Terminal”


I have to say, I’m rather enjoying the break-neck speed of this season.  It seems like, since it first started, our characters haven’t had time to breath or even stop and have a moment to figure out what’s been going on with the steampunk doctors of doom and their weird and funky Frankenstein creations.

0Considering the slowness and directionless nature of last season that I can’t seem to stop talking about, it’s refreshing to see Teen Wolf execute a story arch with such drive and purpose.

So, yeah… The Doctor are creating chimeras of paranormal creatures and blurring the lines between the supernatural and science.  Why are they doing this?  We don’t know.  Also, Theo is working with them, the shady little fuck.  Why is he doing this?  We don’t know.

I’m actually a little disappointed that Theo was outed as a bad guy so quickly, but then again, considering the speed at which they’re burning through the story this season, I guess they can’t play too many cards too close to their chests this time.  I guess it probably would have gotten old given that it’s been painfully obvious that Theo is a wormy little shit, anyway.

What I liked most about “Condition Terminal” is that it touched on the idea that, although the central cast of Teen Wolf have all learned about Scott and his friends being supernatural and know that there are monsters running around, they’re not all cool with it.  In fact, Sheriff Stilinski is very very not cool with it and I totally dig the conflict that is erupting from his need to protect and serve the citizens of Beacon Hills verses his need to protect Scott’s secret and the secret of the town.  Great stuff.

I’m also digging the Parish story.  He’s been a mystery since he first showed up and now that it’s been revealed that he is either secretly or unknowingly taking and disposing of supernatural bodies with his fire/Phoenix/Charmander/Richard Pryor on crack powers, he’s only become more of a wildcard.

Kira is also, at long last, becoming interesting again as her power seem to be going a little wacky.  It’s nice that the show is finding a use for her again instead of just making her little more than a resting place for Scott’s dick.

“Condition Terminal” was a nice little episode that deepened the mystery and gave all the characters something to do.  Stiles is going to have a hell of a “I told you so” moment when he finally gets away from Donovan.

Teen Wolf has pitched a hell of a season to us, now it’s time to see if they can knock it out of the park.


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