Teen Wolf: “A Novel Approach”

Season 5, Episode 5


The Dread Doctors dreadly plan is in action as Scott’s pack find themselves the unknowing tools of the supernatural surgeons.

scream_tv_series_castThe walls are closing in, the stakes are getting higher, and if this progression continues, this could be the greatest season of Teen Wolf yet.  Hell, if anything, it should at least cement this show into an area of quality that can’t be dismissed offhandedly simply because of the channel it found itself on unless that person has never actually watched the show (which I often suspect anyway).

So, the opening moments of this episode found Stiles, the only regular human member of the pack, at the mercy of Donovan’s suckers.

Yes, you read that right.

This was an extremely strong opening, intense and thrilling with very strong acting by Dylan O’Brien who you can tell was extremely affected by the events of the fight and his unintentional taking of a life.  This has traumatized him and put him way off base and O’Brien owned it. He owned the fear, he owned the paranoia…  The brief reappearance of the pin while he was going through security at Eichen House was so incredibly heavy.

Dylan O’Brien really is the best actor on the show and he does it so effortlessly.

The crux of the episode was the Dread Doctors using Scott’s pack against themselves and it’s done in an incredibly clever way.  This episode found our heroes trapped in a box and escaping into a smaller box that’s also on fire.

I also appreciated how the audience didn’t suspect that there was an evil plan in motion until the plan was executed.  It was one of those wonderful and unexpected “shit’s going down” moments that I love so much.  I wish that the Doctors would have gone a bit bigger than just stealing Valack’s third eye (I was kind of thinking that they were going to raid the asylum for its baddies), but it was still neat.

“A Novel Approach” is the best episode of the season and, truthfully, the best episode of Teen Wolf since the third season.  Sure, the Malia and Theo scenes were irrelevant and served nothing more than setting up what I’m sure is going to be the story for the second half of the season and it was kind of annoying how these goddamn kids won’t just fucking communicate with each other, (“Hey, Scott.  Donovan was chasing me and got killed last night.”  “Hey, Kira, you’re like a fucking demon or something.”), but the writing has been so darned clever this season and the manipulations of the Dread Doctors has been so deviously entertaining that it more than made up for it.

Hopefully, the writers have a worthy finale thought up for this arch so that it goes out with a bang and not a moan and single squeaky fart.


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