Worst Movies Ever!

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Transformers: The Last Knight

Tranformers: The Last Knight is a conundrum of excess and a lack of care. This is a corporate product made to sell toys and make money from product placement. It has no soul, there was no love for it from the people who made it, and watching it made me feel dead on the inside.

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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transformers: Age of Extinction is just… awful. Where Transformers was a fun adventure and Armageddon had an overblown 90 minute movie trailer feel to it, Age of Extinction is three hours of butt-numbing, brain cell killing stupidity where nothing… literally nothing about the movie works right.

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God’s Not Dead

By the time the shockingly sick ending played out, I have to admit I think I was converted momentarily as I rose to my feet, raised by hands to the air and screamed to the savior above, “JESUS CHRIST, THIS MOVIE IS GODDAMN TERRIBLE!”

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The Adventures of Pluto Nash

This movie is about as fun as three months of math camp, about as funny as as watching a kid in a wheelchair get hit by a car, and if you’re stupid enough to spend eight bucks to see this horrible thing, you should immediately loose your right to vote.