Speed Limit Tree

You’ll find this unusual tree in Barefoot Bay, Florida. The tree in question grew through a speed limit sign and basically serves notice that, despite our pomp and strutting, we are really just nature’s bitch.


The Twisted Trees of Slope Point

The southernmost point of New Zealand, Slope Point’s trees are bombarded by Antarctic winds that travel across the Southern Ocean unobstructed for two thousand miles. The resulting incredibly windy microclimate, only a few miles from rainforests, twist the trees in the area in a northerly direction, creating some of the most strange natural artwork in the world.


Trees with Faces

Look on in fascinated horror at the work of French photographer Clément Briend who projected giant heads on to trees at Parc de Saint-Cloud near Paris. With this simple technique, he has created a world inside our own that is both magical, mysterious, and a little spooky.


Tree Illusions

Photographer Zander Olsen, using white wrappings and the imaginary lines we perceive in the environment, twists our perceptions of reality in amazingly simple ways to create art that is head-scratchingly beautiful.


Poland’s Crooked Forest

Journey South of the Polish town of Gryfino, you’ll come across a forest and, if you know where to look, you will be astounded to find over 400 perfectly healthy pine trees that have been bent over at a 90 degree angle and then allowed to grow normally.