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The Walking Dead: “Rock in the Road”

It’s been a long and cold winter, but now it’s time for The Walking Dead to rise once again for all of the drama, violence, and gore you can stand and, maybe if we’re lucky, they’ll be a zombie or two in tonight’s episode! Fingers crossed! Personally, I can’t wait to see how Glenn survived. My denial is what gets me through the loneliness.

Television Reviews

The Walking Dead: “Hearts Still Beating”

Things are shaping up for an absolutely batshit crazy mid-season finale. Neegan is in the henhouse and he wants some goddamn lemonade. Maggie is eating all of Greg’s apples. Sasha has got her hands on a magic bullet and I’m sure when she misses, it’s going to be amazing. Rick and Ethan are about to go on a boat trip… Multiple story arcs in one episode? The ancients spoke of this, but I always assumed it was a myth! Also, someone’s going to die! Come on, Talking Dead, we know what you mean by “mystery guest.”