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The Orville: “Majority Rules”

“Majority Rules” came off as a yawn-inducing misfire thanks, in no small part to the fact that LaMarr is just not someone I’m overly concerned with. Let’s face it, as far as characters go, he’s the Travis Mayweather of the crew. Now you’re probably racking your brain trying to remember who Travis Mayweather is, aren’t you? My point is, aside from being that guy who sits next to Gordon, he hasn’t had a whole lot of time to shine on the show and, in his first outing, I actually found myself growing an intense dislike of him.

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The Orville: “The Krill”

The Orville is a strange creature… it’s part parody, part slapstick, and part hard science fiction. At this point, I would say that it’s Star Trek with the stick removed from its ass. Sure, some of the character stupidity gets a little old and doesn’t mesh with the tone that the episode is going for, but I’m willing to forgive it and just embrace The Orville for what it is… a throwback to a simpler time… with dick jokes.

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The Orville: “About a Girl”

Both the most serious of the three Orville adventures and the most humorous, in “About a Girl,” the one-liners and comedy work faster and better than they have in the past and even the few dick jokes that are whipped out pass by organically without much pause. I found this to be a rather compelling hour of television, taking on a touchy subject with maturity (and a little immaturity), and leading the audience to think and debate.