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Behind the Scenes of Star Trek’s Lost Pilot Episode

If you’re not a Star Trek fan you may find this surprising, but the original pilot episode of Star Trek did not have Captain Kirk, Doctor McCoy, or Scotty, but rather followed a almost completely different crew captained by a man named Pike.  The only thing in common with the classic show we all know and love is the Enterprise and Mister Spock played by the brilliant Leonard Nimoy.


Star Trek’s Fictional Aging vs. Real Life Aging

Occasionally, Star Trek would age an actor for a scene that took place in the future or for a scene where a character was aging too fast or for a scene where an omnipotent prankster was trying to prove a point. Goddamn, this is a weird show if you think about it! In any case, how did the old age make-up hold up when compared to the actor’s actual aging? Let’s find out!


Restored Pictures from the Original Pilot Episode of Star Trek

If you’re not that familiar with Star Trek, you might not know that the original show didn’t start out with Captain Kirk, Doctor McCoy, or many of your favorite crewmembers. Instead, the first pilot episode featured Jeffery Hunter as Captain Pike, Majel Barrett as Number One, and Leonard Nimoy as Spock. When NBC saw the show, they didn’t like much about it and asked for a second pilot. Spock stayed, everyone else went and the Star Trek we know and love today was created.