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Star Trek: Discovery: “Into the Forest I Go”

What’s more, despite naysayers and doubters, the true winner here has been Star Trek: Discovery itself. Where its detractors went low, it went high and told a story that was grown up and mature, but kept the wide-eyed optimism and thirst for the unknown that Star Trek is famous for. In only a scant nine episodes so far, Discovery has not just paraded out of spacedock, it has exploded into the final frontier with confidence and grace with certainly the strongest freshmen season of any Star Trek spinoff so far.

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Star Trek: Discovery: “Choose Your Pain”

It’s that wonderful optimism and exploration of the human spirit that I like… the ability to look at a bad situation and think, how can we fix this? Not being content with letting the characters get lost in gray ambiguity, but having them take a stand and do what’s right. This may be “grittier” and more “realistic” Star Trek, but it is still Star Trek… it feels like Star Trek. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Star Trek: Discovery: “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For the Lamb’s Cry”

Certainly, every strength that Star Trek: Discovery has was center stage for this episode. Everything that sets it apart and makes it unique, from the militaristic and shady performance by Jason Issacs as Captain Lorca to the distinctly humanized Klingons who are, the new look not withstanding, some of the best Klingons ever characterized whose name is not Worf. Everything happening on this show is just so goddamn interesting and suprising.

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Star Trek: Discovery: “Context is for Kings”

Alice in Wonderland came up a lot in tonight’s episode and, appropriately, Burnham has gone down the rabbit hole into Discovery’s Wonderland. This episode could have easily been the premiere, but then again I guess what they say about past being prologue is true… the first two episodes were prologue… now the mission begins. I can’t say with any certainty where it’s going, but I’m anticipating a lot of fun getting there.