Movie Reviews


Disney and Pixar’s Coco is, of course, a tremendous movie, both beautiful to look at and wonderful to experience. It’s a feast for the eyes, a joy for the soul, goddamn crushing in some moments, and actually had me, one of the most cynical bastards in the multiverse, shedding actual tears towards the end.


The Toy Story 3 That Never Was

Some time ago, Disney almost made Toy Story 3 without Pixar. Strange as that sounds, the studios were at am impasse and, in a ill-advised prick-waggling contest, Disney developed a story and concepts without Pixar’s input. Thankfully, the two studios resolved their differences (by Disney buying Pixar which seems to work) and the Toy Story 3 we all know and love and were mentally and emotionally traumatized by was born but recently, some art from the aborted sans Pixar attempt was released to the public and its a fascinating look at what might have happened.