The End of the World Cinema

In the middle of the Egyptian desert, you will find an abandoned cinema that never showed a single movie. Rows of chairs stand preserved in the burning heat and projector equipment silently waits for a premiere that will never come. The screen, what was basically a large sail, is long gone – lost to the desert winds.


Plot Holes

I hate it when I’m enjoying a movie and someone starts in on minuscule plot holes that don’t matter and claim that they “ruined the movie for them.” Still, sometimes these obsessive nitpickers does have a point and it makes you wonder if you can ever really love these movies and TV shows again.

Spoiler Alert: You totally can. What are you, an asshole?


The Last Day on Set

When a television show wraps or a movie finished up, you often hear stories about how actors wept at the fact that they were not only saying goodbye to a job, but also to cherished friends they had worked with for years. Seeing those moments captured in pictures is quite emotional.