The Last Day on Set

When a television show wraps or a movie finished up, you often hear stories about how actors wept at the fact that they were not only saying goodbye to a job, but also to cherished friends they had worked with for years. Seeing those moments captured in pictures is quite emotional.


Hobbiton Today

The Lord of the Rings practically made the word “Hobbit” a household name (well, more than before at least) and introduced millions of movie-goers to the little village of Hobbiton. Surrounded by lush greenery, this collection of hobbit-holes set a charming location for some of the movies and took advantage of New Zealand’s spectacular beauty. Hobbiton is still there… a little weathered, but still lovely. Now, instead of furry-footed Hobbits, the hills of the tiny town are traveled by sheep, Hobbiton’s only residents. Hobbiton is located on a farm in Matamata which offers tours of the place to visitors.