Sad Batman

The first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman finally hit the intertubes and, of course, the intertubes made a meme out of it. Check it out and tell us why you think Batman is so sad?


Too Handsome for Saudi Arabia

Feast your hungry eyes on Omar Borkan Al Gala, an actor who was recently deported from Saudi Arabia because the authorities there deemed him too good looking and feared that he would be too much of a temptation for the country’s female population. Since I myself have been threatened with deportation for the same reason, I sympathize with Mr. Gala and now do my bets to promote him in a new meme. Enjoy this exclusive before someone from Reddit steals it.


How to Wrap a Present

The best part about Christmas is that you can be a supersized dick in certain ways and your victims can’t do or say anything because, come on… you’re giving them a present! Take a look at this clever packaging and tell me you wouldn’t do this if you had the motivation.