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Marvel’s Inhumans: “Divide and Conquer”

While better than the initial episodes, “Divide and Conquer” still has a plethora of problems. The dialogue is atrocious, that hasn’t changed, and the plot relies too heavily on stuff happening to characters and not the other way around… Black Bolt, Gorgon, Medusa, Karnak… at this point, their superpower could best be described as crazy stupid luck.

Television Reviews

Marvel’s Inhumans: “Behold… The Inhumans” and “Those Who Would Destroy Us”

Whatever the case, this series is bad and it had absolutely no excuse to be bad. the money was there, the mythology was there, all ABC had to do was run with it to the end zone, but what happened was that the ball sailed through the air hit them in the face and broke their nose, the blood and boogers spring onto the television which is what we ended up with.