Monsters of the Deep

We know more about the surface of Mars than we do about what’s in our own oceans… probably because of the animals we’re about to show you here. I mean… I’m not going in the ocean to studies these things, are you?


Fish Overtake an Abandoned Mall

When The New World Mall in the capital city of Thailand was closed up after some building violations, an arsonist set the place ablaze and destroyed the roof. After a while, rainwater flooded the basement and started to cause a mosquito problem and so, the residents from around the neighborhood released fish into the basement to combat the pest problem. The fish have since been fruitful and multiplied turning the mall into a surreal aquarium.


Fishing Spiders

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water… Spiders are well known as the eight-legged NOPE! of the world, preying on insects and other small animals, but did you know they also have an affinity for seafood? These monsters live all over the world from the US to Australia, South America and Europe.


Creatures of the Deep

It was recently estimated that we have only discovered one fifth of all the animal species on the planet and, with a largely unexplored ocean surrounding all of us, it’s not hard to guess where most of them are hiding. Seriously, look at these freaks.