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Disney and Pixar’s Coco is, of course, a tremendous movie, both beautiful to look at and wonderful to experience. It’s a feast for the eyes, a joy for the soul, goddamn crushing in some moments, and actually had me, one of the most cynical bastards in the multiverse, shedding actual tears towards the end.

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It’s rare that you see an animated movie literally ripped from today’s headlines and I’m not sure if it was a prophetic eye or just dumb luck on Disney’s part that divined this movie come out in the middle of Donald Trump’s ridiculous rise to power, but this is probably one of the most topical films to come out in a long time and definitely one of the most damning of our paranoid society.

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Atlantis: The Lost Empire

The movie, Atlantis: The Lost Empire – formerly just called Atlantis until Disney figured that people were too stupid to know what Atlantis is – is the movie I’ve been waiting years for. I thought I was going to see it with Titan A.E., but I didn’t. I thought I was going to get it with Heavy Metal 2000, and I was sorely disappointed. In fact, I’ve been waiting for a movie like this since I first saw the heavily edited version of the original Heavy Metal on TBS many many years back.