Finger Toes

A female college student in China posted these pictures of her unusually long toes. With a middle toe of almost five centimeters, the student says that the long toes run in her family and that they represent beauty.


Pig the Dog

Say hello to Pig the Dog, everyone. Pig is certainly unique looking and not the result of photoshop. Rather, Pig was born with a deformity that left her without several ribs and part of her spine and also deformed hips and even split her spine in two around her head. Despite this, Pig perseveres pleasantly participating in play, pettings, and panting parted from pain and persuading provident people that peculiar pets can be prized.

Awesome Mysteries

The Green Man

We’ve all heard terrifying tales of disfigured specters that roam country roads, but in Western Pennsylvania not only could you actually find this mysterious legend, but you could share a beer and a smoke with him too.