Funeral Strippers

What a way to go! Yes, kiddies, funeral strippers are an actual thing in China, but not for much longer if the Chinese government gets its way, so if you want a stripper at your funeral, you’d better die quickly!


The Green Lantern Corpse

We’ve featured a couple of creepy wakes from Puerto Rico before, but this is a whole new level of weird for us.

Renato Garcia was known for wearing his Green Lantern costume around his neighborhood in San Juan and, when he died, his neighbors and family, in a combination of both heartwarming and creepy, decided that it would only be fitting to not only have him in his beloved costume during his wake, but also have his corpse standing at attention.

Awesome Mysteries

La Pascualita: The Corpse Bride

Imagine you are walking down the streets of Chihuahua, Mexico when you happen to notice a mannequin in the window of a bridal shop called La Popular. You can tell that she is old… not at all like the mannequins you see at department stores today, but something beyond that scratches at the back of your head. There’s just something… off about her.