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Wonder Woman

Folks, this movie is just so good. It’s everything a DC movie should be… bright, colorful, inspirational, and true to the characters we’ve been reading for years. We need more of this and less of asshole Superman. Less tattooed Joker and more pure characters.

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Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad has everything that Man of Steel and Batman v Superman has been missing: Fun, thrills, and characters who aren’t complete assholes. Let that sink in… Superman has been a bigger asshole in the DC Movies than Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot. That alone should make Zack Snyder combust in shame.

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Man of Steel

I guess, if you want to look at my beef with Man of Steel from a more symbolic viewpoint, it’s echoed in the changes to Superman’s uniform… it’s cold, less colorful, and less of a beacon. It doesn’t look like it was made with love by hand, it looks like it was pressed into existence by an unfeeling machine. Does it look nice? Of course it does… all polished and sculpted, but there is no comfort, no warmth, and no humanity.