Movies that Were Cursed

We’ve all heard of cursed treasures and cursed idols, but have you ever heard of a cursed movie? Does such a thing exist? Apparently, twelve of them do and if you’ve ever thought of living the glam Hollywood lifestyle, these might make you change your mind!


Cursed Paintings

A collection of cursed and disturbing paintings. You’ll have to decide whether they are inherently evil or just paint and canvas. Did I mention that some of these paintings curse you just by looking at them? Well, enjoy!

Awesome Mysteries

The Curse of the Crying Boy

The lore of all ages is rife with stories of cursed objects. From Robbie the Doll to the priceless Hope Diamond, the idea that an object can inherently evil is a fascinating one because, after all, if you can’t trust an object, what else is waiting to betray you?