Creatures of the Deep

It was recently estimated that we have only discovered one fifth of all the animal species on the planet and, with a largely unexplored ocean surrounding all of us, it’s not hard to guess where most of them are hiding. Seriously, look at these freaks.


The Hidden Dungeon

The person who took this set of pictures discovered something unexpected under his new apartment. I think this is how most horror movies start. Next thing you know, ghost children will be banging on the doors and walls will be bleeding.


The Zombie Car

This parked car sat abandoned in a parking lot in the Chinese province of Sichuan for such a long time that it became overgrown with ivy and the locals started calling it the zombie car. Authorities finally removed it once it became known on social media and the news. We assume its in a junkyard somewhere eating the brains of other cars.


The Abandoned Bible Theme Park

Holy Land USA was an 18 acre Bible-themed park in Connecticut created to replicate Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and famous passages in the Bible. The park flourished in the 1960’s and 70’s and closed in 1984 when the owner decided to expand and improve the park however, he died before the plans were executed and the park has sat abandoned ever since, however the “Holy Land USA” sign and cross were replaced by Boy Scouts as part of a local community service project.