Training for the Chinese Army

China’s military is made up of three main parts: the People’s Armed Police, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and the reserve force of the army. But in order to be part of the military, you’ve got to undergo some pretty intense training. I for one would like to welcome our Chinese overlords.


Maha Nakhon

Say hello to Bangkok’s newest skyscraper. Maha Nakhon is a luxury mixed-use skyscraper that stands 77 stories high with a pixilated ribbon that swirls around the exterior, opening up expansive balconies overlooking the city. Kind of looks like it got bombed in Minecraft, doesn’t it?


Walking on the Edge

The Jinmao Tower in Shanghai recently opened its glass walkway to the public and now people can hang out on the walkway for 30 minutes and enjoy the incredible view. Did we mention that there are no handrails and you’re on the edge of certain death?