Suicide Squad

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When I go watch Marvel movies, I wonder if I might actually see a bad one.  When I watch DC movies, I wonder if I might actually see a good one.

To say that DC has had some problems establishing its own cinematic universe is an understatement.   What should be a fun and colorful undertaking has been neither fun nor colorful and perhaps that’s why I liked Suicide Squad so much.   The colors are vibrant, the atmosphere is fun, and the actors generally look like they’re having a good time being where they are.

6041b42c7605b4139630e3d63da9dff08a28f8edf873a25847c8cc314f2b1ec1Suicide Squad chronicles the adventures of the baddies of the DC Universe:  Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, El Diablo, Captain Boomerang, The Enchantress, and Deadshot as they are tasked with going on a mission to rescue someone in the middle of some sort of supernatural magical hurricane thingy.

Suicide Squad has everything that Man of Steel and Batman v Superman has been missing:  Fun, thrills, and characters who aren’t complete assholes.    Let that sink in… Superman has been a bigger asshole in the DC Movies than Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot.   That alone should make Zack Snyder combust in shame.

I know that this movie isn’t incredibly intelligent nor is it anywhere in the same parsec as a masterpiece, but it is what it is and makes no apology.   We have a character driven action piece headed by some charismatic actors who are having a good time.   What more could we want?

I’m not a huge fan of Jared Leto’s Joker, but he’s in the movie for all of six minutes, so it really doesn’t matter and I’m willing to give him a chance in the next project he ends up in.  Hopefully, Harley and Mr. J will be the dastardly duo we know and love and there won’t be any of this solo shit.

I’m sure this movie isn’t incredibly accessible to non-fans and I understand that, as far as DC Heroes go, Rick Flagg and Katana are D-Listers, but you’ve got to enjoy the fact that this movie doesn’t waste time on bloated origins or filler.   Besides, I’d much rather see more movies like this than Blah-man vs. Superdick.


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