Star Trek: “What Are Little Girls Made Of?”


One of the few episodes of the series that gave Nurse Chapel something to do, “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” is a delightful romp and an exceptionally well done episode that gives the limelight to a lesser ued character.

Where do I begin to start? Why not with Lurch from The Addams Family guesting as the intimidating android Ruk who towers above everyone. An excellent make-up job, excellent acting, and overall probably one of the most terrifying aliens from classic Trek.

The ending is a little rushed in the way that Ruk and Korby are disposed of and the android making machine was rather corny, but overall a very excellent episode.


Interesting Fact: This was the second “evil Kirk” episode of the series which is odd considering that the series was only six episode old at this point AND that the other “evil Kirk” episode had aired only two weeks before.

“We humans are full of unpredictable emotions that logic cannot solve.”
– Kirk

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