Star Trek: “Turnabout Intruder”

Air Date: 06.03.1969
Stardate: 5928.5

Ah, just enough time to take a steamy dump on this series!


If there was an episode that Star Trek didn’t need to go out on, this was it. A blatantly sexist episode that, while a little fun what with the whisperings of mutiny and all, just takes a final piss on the series.

It’s depressing that this was the way that classic Trek went out but, fortunately, the ride wasn’t over yet…

Interesting Fact: Lt. Galloway appears in this episode after the character was killed by by Captain Tracey in “The Omega Glory.”

“Her life could have been as rich as any woman’s. If only…if only…”

Fuck you, Kirk.

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  • Douglas Self

    It’s more a reflection of how gender and sexual attitudes have changed in 46 years since that episode was first aired. At the time, the notion of a woman in command would have been way too ‘progressive’ for network execs. The first pilot almost killed the series then and there thanks to “Number One” (I liked her, though), she was seen as too bossy and perhaps subtly ‘butch’ and put off the execs and test audiences. At the time, condescending expressions like “lady doc” or “she’s a good engineer for a woman” were common and not thought objectionable…now they’d land you in hot water with Human Resources, and if you weren’t fired outright, off to ‘sensitivity’ training with you!
    Fortunately, it wouldn’t take too long before this whole notion of Dr. Lester being rejected for the command program in Starfleet on account of her gender would become preposterous. At least by 1990 it was a definite that Starfleet’s ‘world of starship captains’ DID include women (Rachel Garrett, in charge of the Enterprise-C) and at least inferred that women had long held command on Starfleet vessels before that.