Star Trek: “The Way to Eden”

Air Date: 02.21.1969
Stardate: 5832.3

Flynn White

Sweet mother of mercy, who’s fucking idea was this episode? This stupid nonsensical and now hopelessly dated idiotic venture into the final frontier of ridiculousness? This brainless foray into counterculture that is a black mark on all things Trekinian?

Where do I even start? Where do start commenting on this vast black hole of suck? How do I even begin talking about how awful the characters, story, and situations are? How do I even touch on how off the established characters were? What about that body at the end with the strumming guitar finger? The failed biblical imagery? The episode so bad that if you watch it from beginning to end, you will actually de-evolve?

Forget “Spock’s Brain,” forget everything that all the nerds have said about Voyager or Enterprise… this is the stupidest Star Trek episode of all time.

Perhaps I’m going about this the wrong way. Maybe I should just tell you what actually worked in this episode.

















Interesting Fact: The original draft of this episode was much different than what appeared on screen. The original script dealt with McCoy and his granddaughter, Joanna, with Kirk, not Chekov, falling in love with her. The script was heavily rewritten and the McCoy angle was dropped, but several novelists have used the initial idea for their books.

“Gonna crack my knuckles and jump for joy! I got a clean bill of health from Dr. McCoy!”

Just… fuck you, okay?

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  • Douglas Self

    The trouble is, the episode is rendered outdated by social changes in America. Most of the hippies either died off, did a little too much “LDS” (LoL, as I’m Mormon myself), or traded in their macramé and beads for a power suit and briefcase and made lotsa money in the 80’s (or started a gourmet ice cream company and become corporate ‘sellouts’). A modern-day analogue would be the Enterprise NX-01 rescuing a group of “Occupy Wall Street’ types and being taken over likewise.
    Suspension of belief is horribly stretched. A group of space going miscreants hijacks a shuttle, and gets off ONLY b/c one of them is the son of an ambassador that has LOTS of ‘pull’? And their leader (Skip Homier, I guess Melakon survived being gut-shot at point blank range by a Luger P08 on the “Nazi” planet, healed, had some plastic surgery on his ears and acquired weird tattoos, and became the self-appointed delusional leader and mad scientist of this madcap bunch). Kirk and Spock allow this bunch full run of the ship, no naturally they take over and drive the Enterprise into Romulan space. Another of the many reasons why Kirk ought to have been cashiered from Starfleet with extreme prejudice, or at least piloting a desk until retirement!